Amazon Prime Cleaning Brand

A well-known CPG brand and collaborated to create engaging content and drive immediate sales for their brand during Prime Day.

the challenge

Prime On The Mind

A top consumer packaged goods brand needed to be top of mind with their customers on one of the busiest shopping days, Amazon Prime Day.  ​

the approach

Showcase The
Shopper Journey

We partnered with influencers known for their clean home organization and for their expertise on finding deals. ​Influencers posted quick social content on TikTok showcasing the easy buying process, un-packaging of what they received and linked directly to Amazon to drive immediate conversions.  






the results

Higher Conversion for Less Cost

TikTok received a 43.14% conversion rate compared to 1.6% on other social platforms!


Cost per conversion on TikTok was 36% less compared to other social platforms. ​

Less for Cost Per Click


Conversion Rate



the influencers

The Amazon Prime Creators Who Made This Possible

For Amazon Prime Day, we were looking to promote new household products being used by a variety of different influencers on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. We recruited a diverse team of influencers on the platforms to spur product awareness and purchases during Prime Day for our client. 

Cara G.


Nastazsa B.


Tina L.


Shayla O.


Kaycie C.


Sana S.


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