5 Reasons Why Livestreaming Works for Brands and Influencers

Live-streaming allows you to share what’s happening right now with fans and followers across the globe. Now, there’s an even more impactful way to advertise by utilizing shoppable media and campaigns.

Let’s look at the top five reasons live-streaming is an effective marketing tool for Amazon brands and social media influencers.

5 Reasons Why Live-Streaming Works for Brands

1. It humanizes the brand.
Live-streaming transforms Amazon brands from logo to human, allowing you to develop a more dimensional brand personality. Thoughtful campaigns also let you incorporate products into everyday scenarios, providing a personal way to promote your brand.

2. It prompts purchases in real-time.
Amazon now provides brands with the opportunity to invest in Amazon-produced shoppable content live-streams, known as shoppable streams. These streams are embedded in various locations on Amazon and play as shoppers are navigating the site, creating an interactive product showcase with links to “add to cart” buttons. The longer you stream, the more brand perks you unlock in the Amazon Live Creator app. This can be a great tool to use to promote a big sale event or a new product launch. It can also be great for any brand with a product that requires a little extra explanation.

3. It provides a way to share things that didn’t use to be shareable.
Before live-streaming became popular, there were a ton of logistics and extensive costs involved in setting up a live video shoot. With live-streaming, you need two things - a smartphone and a willing host. By cutting video costs, you can stream more often to amplify your Amazon product message far and wide.

4. You have a new way to build a fan following.
Since Amazon live-stream creator pages are capable of building followers, you're able to easily stay connected with the people who are already purchasing your products. By prompting existing customers to follow you on Amazon, they'll get notified when you're running deals and when you post new products. This can help boost brand awareness, promote sharing, and give you the opportunity to build brand loyalty over time.

5. It allows brands to connect directly to the consumer.
Unlike most types of marketing, which are one-way (brand to consumer), live-streaming provides a two-way communication channel. Marketers can see and respond to questions in real-time, get feedback, and analyze comments to learn about the audience in a really unique way. This candid feedback is invaluable to your product marketing team.

Social media influencer marketing goals are a bit different from a brand marketer’s goals on the surface, but both are working to increase sales at the end of the day. Let’s take a look at how being a live-stream influencer can help you build a more engaged audience and boost your income.

5 Reasons Live-Streaming Works for Influencers

1. It’s practically free!
If you’re an influencer, you have a phone, and that’s all you need to live-stream! If you’re feeling fancy, you can add a ring light or get a good set of headphones with a mic, but even then, you’re out a few hundred bucks, tops. Of course, there are lots of advertising opportunities you can tap into as well, and some require that you put in a monetary investment to help you build your brand. However, the opportunity we're highlighting in this post - Amazon live-streaming - is free to use!

2. It’s super-duper easy (seriously).
The main thing you need to be successful is to be comfortable on camera and good at talking to followers and fans as if they’re friends. You’ve likely already got that in the bag, given your influencer status. As far as technical ability goes, if you can press a button, you can Livestream. That is truly all there is to it. And when it comes to incorporating products you love, the more naturally you're able to talk about it and how it positively impacts your life, the better. You want your fans and followers to see themselves in you.

3. It provides a more intimate way to connect.
Posting on Instagram is great, and it can help your followers get to know you, but seeing you on video exposes your personality and quirks. It gives fans and followers a glimpse into who you are in your day-to-day life - and what products you use in your day-to-day life. Life is more fun with friends, and social shopping is no exception.

4. Turn products you're already promoting into an income stream.
If you're already running influencer campaigns and sharing products on your social channels, incorporating Amazon live-stream content into your marketing efforts is really a no-brainer. You can set up a profile, build out a customized storefront filled with all the products you mention on your social channels, and earn commission on every sale. Then, you can build a product carousel, engage in Q&A through your live chat, notify your followers when you live-stream, and bring social and shopping together in an awesome new way.

5. Amazon live-streaming eliminates the middle-man.
No more #linkinbio! When you promote the product in the store, there’s very little barrier to overcome to prompt a ‘buy now.’ And with an influencer profile tied to the site, you can build followers and trigger notifications when you're live. That's an incredibly powerful influencer affiliate marketing tool.

It’s easy to see how and why live-streaming has become an incredibly popular marketing tool. Brand owners and influencers alike have a lot to gain by taking advantage of this effective, versatile medium designed to help you boost your sales.