5 Tips for Influencer Success in 2019

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Navigating the influencer marketing landscape can feel like an intimidating venture for brands new to the space – especially with the increased focus on tracking measurable success in every marketing activation. With technology and social media constantly evolving, influencer may not at first glance seem like the right marketing strategy for brands unfamiliar with the industry.

Some brands often believe their product isn’t right for influencer if it doesn’t fit squarely into the lifestyle, primed-for-Instagram box. But in reality, influencer is all about real people sharing honest stories. Partnering with influencers who connect genuinely with your product can help tell your brand story in an authentic and impactful way. Even if it’s not the sexiest product (looking at you, foot fungal cream), history has proven that consumers engage with influencer content that speaks to them and respond to the voices they’ve come follow and trust.

In an effort to ease concerns brands might have, we put together our top five tips for success to help brands approach their influencer strategy for 2019:


Brands often focus on an influencer’s follower count over engagement to their detriment. While number of followers matters for certain reach and broad awareness campaigns, engagement rate (comments, shares, likes) is a stronger indicator of how responsive an influencer’s audience is to their content. With’s conversion tracking metrics, brands can see exactly how engaged their influencer’s audience is when it comes to shopping.

Research has shown that micro influencers typically have higher engagement rates than macro influencers as their content comes off as more approachable and real. To sweeten the deal, smaller influencers offer a much more affordable service and help brands reach a more targeted, niche audience vs. their macro peers.


When creating your influencer strategy it’s important to think about how to get the maximum impact from your influencer content. Leveraging compelling influencer video content on your eCommerce product pages and brand website is a great way to enhance your ecomm pages and extend the lifespan of your influencer content.

At, we bridge the gap between influencer and ecommerce and help our clients seamlessly bring influencer content to their product pages. We streamline the process by offering content editing, optimization and conversion tracking to measure sales lift.


While it’s important to give influencers clear brand guidelines and talking points before they create content, giving them creative license and the freedom to develop content that’s authentic to them and inspiring to their audience will benefit your brand in the long run and yield a successful campaign result. Work with your influencers to develop content that accomplishes your brand objective and retains their unique style and voice and ultimately moves their audience to purchase.


Using paid support on social can help ensure that your sponsored content gets the engagement both you and your influencers want. Paid advertising also allows brands to use specific audience targeting to reach the right demographic.  With’s content scoring system, we help brands simplify this process by determining which posts should be boosted to deliver maximum impact for the campaign.


Brands must define their goals and KPIs before kicking off their influencer campaign. Whether the focus is reach and awareness or clicks and conversion, defining your goals internally and communicating them to your influencers will allow everyone to be in sync and work towards the same objective. At, our influencer analytics platform helps provide transparency and visibility into your campaigns so you can understand which influencers are driving clicks and sales for your brand and use those rock stars in future activations.

In this fast-paced industry, brands will need to be strategic if they want to succeed in the influencer marketing sphere. With these tips in mind and a trustworthy partner steering the ship, you can avoid common mistakes and ensure your influencer campaigns are a success and worthy of your investment.