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As the premier platform connecting YouTube and Amazon, is always looking to add more value around our services with the large e-commerce sites. We’ve broadened our relationship by encouraging the use of both generated affiliate links for and the syndication of videos to the free to view area – Amazon Video Shorts.

Taking influencer video a step beyond the “hero spot”

By now you’ve probably heard the team talk about Amazon Video Shorts. We are the first influencer platform offering YouTubers the ability to syndicate videos to live on the product pages in the Related Videos section. These videos also have the potential to live in search results and drive consumers back to product pages. Not only does this allow creators to gain channel recognition in another arena other than YouTube, clients are able to drive their ROI even further. By having videos on product detail pages, conversion rates increase by 20%.


Hollie, founder of Baby Gizmo – a social media house that covers all things mom, creates awesome parenting and child-centric reviews. One of her videos has over 8,000 views just on AVS alone!

Her video for the Dyson Cordless Vacuum is the ONLY video that appears when customers search “cordless vacuum”. What does this mean? Brands can use video shorts to stand out in a saturated market by driving video in search results using targeted keywords and bringing them to their product pages. And what does this mean for Hollie? Cash in her pocket for the amazing video that caught someone’s eye while trying to decide what vacuum to buy.

Creators can now gain better insight into what their YouTube viewers are buying by providing the produced affiliate links in their video descriptions on YouTube. They can see all the details we track for them now, including date of purchase, retail cost, Amazon earning, and the reason behind the motivation…the Bonus! From this new page they can choose what time period they want to see their purchases and peek into their subscribers intent and help them target their videos in the future.

Affiliate Links makes affiliate links easy. We generate them for creators to be the one-stop-shop for YouTube monetization with Amazon affiliate links. If creators have older content that they are still promoting but forgot to use an affiliate link, they can go into their profile at any time and grab their tag to append to the URL. Affiliate links are a great way for creators to track and get credit for the revenue they drive for products or brands. This feature is available for EVERY video published through the platform, not just sponsored campaigns.


Affiliate links are used to track revenue driven to Amazon and generate more cash for the creator based on our super associate relationship. Frank, one of’s tech gurus, drives substantial traffic towards Amazon product pages using our affiliate links and helps the entire network get paid at a higher advertising fee rate.The more revenue the community drives for Amazon through these links the higher the possible affiliate payout for all creators.


Austin, another avid technology creator, even generated revenue for a product he didn’t make a video about (…an at home welder…). How does this work? The shopper was led to via the affiliate link in Austin’s YouTube description. Even though, they may not have purchased what Austin was reviewing, his link drove the conversion for the sale – Austin gets the credit and the advertising fee.

Here at, we’re excited to provide the insight and clarity about these services to our creators and emphasize the benefits of these opportunities to our clients to drive sales and traffic to their Amazon product pages.

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