#BuildForTikTok Challenge Champions:!

We are excited to announce that has been chosen as the #BuildForTikTok 2022 champion for our innovative TikTok solutions.

TikTok's consistent and dominating rise as a social platform warrants innovative solutions from the platforms that assist with vital parts of influencer marketing programs, such as Discovery.

As a part of TikTok's #buildfortiktok challenge to influencer platforms in the space, built a solution that would focus on revolutionizing the way brands and marketers find and work with the most valuable TikTok Creators for both upper and lower-funnel campaigns.Our solution includes two key features:

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A TikTok Performance Creator Discovery Platform

Discovery is a vital aspect of influencer marketing, and this tool is designed to take Discovery to the next level with performance metrics.  This TikTok Creator discovery solution allows brands to search Creators based on historical traffic, carting, and sales conversions.   This allows brands focused on lower-funnel KPIs to see upfront which Creators are more likely to have better performance on their campaigns. 


A Closed-loop Conversion Optimization System

Further honing in on conversion optimization, this solution was made for brands utilizing TikTok ads across the world’s largest retailers.  This innovative tool allows brands to optimize against conversions when selling on 3rd party e-tailers, again with the focus on getting the most value for brands with lower-funnel KPI's. 

With these solutions, brands with a focus on lower-funnel performance will be able to optimize their TikTok influencer strategies with data-driven decisions before, during and after their programs.

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The combination of tackling detailed influencer marketing reporting from multiple angles is imperative as the industry evolves.  Check out's TikTok solutions here.

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