Featured Influencer: RizKnows

Welcome to’s second installment of our Featured Influencer blog series! Every other week we will be featuring talent from the community of creators who are using video to engage with their own communities and followings about their favorite interests as well as products from the brands they love.


Featured Influencer: Jeff “RizKnows” Rizzo

YouTube Channel: RizKnows

Subscribers: 22,638

Views: 5,478,073

Joined YouTube: 2013

Searching for a person who reviews various health-related and tech products and offers health & fitness advice? Look no further as Jeff Rizzo has you covered.

Since late 2013, Jeff has been using YouTube to share his reviews of the latest products and wearables from companies such as Acer, Nike and Montblanc as well as fitness techniques and equipment exercises.

Where did his inspiration to create videos come from? According to his bio, Jeff is a health and fitness enthusiast who loves both technology and wearables (and must stay up-to-date on everything) and the development and ideas behind them. When he reviews products, he goes into full details about them while also expressing a deep interest for how they came about and work.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Jeff on many campaigns (and we here at are most likely in better shape than ever thanks to his fitness videos). His engaging personality and ability to keep his subscribers entertained while reviewing products are to be seen.

What’s so great about this is that he checks all the boxes for what makes a quality influencer video:
  • High quality images included in the video
  • Visible, high-quality images to accompany the results of product testing
  • Audio levels are appropriate and not interrupted by external sounds
  • Discusses the benefits of the product and how it works

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