Forbes Featured as a Game-Changer for the Online Video Industry

As one of many influencer marketing platforms, it is important to differentiate yourself and to provide real value to content creators.  This is something we spend a lot of time thinking about at and are super excited to be featured in a series from Bree Brouwer, in Forbes, about brands that are game-changers for the online video industry, specifically focusing on making the industry better for creators. President, Jessica Thorpe was interviewed by Bree Brouwers and talks about why we put creators first and how we are always looking for and building new features to help them do what they do even better.

“ is on a mission to help influencers earn more via YouTube and Amazon through brand deals, ad revenue and more.” – Bree Brouwers.

The Forbes interview highlighted the gap fills by bridging influencer marketing and e-commerce with a solution for creators that values their work, creates quality brand content and increases sales by delivering videos to retailers.

Excerpt from the interview…

BB: Could you give me the same rundown/explanation of that you give to creators?

JT: provides influencers a place to find brand sponsorships and takes things one step further by helping creators drive additional revenue for content published to YouTube through our unique partnership with Amazon. There are three ways to better monetize your content:

  • Amazon Affiliate links – Amazon affiliate links are a great way to make more money against the videos you make, but we know the process is time consuming. That is why we’ve built a system to take all the work out of it for you. If you sign up for and connect your YouTube channel you can sync any existing videos that are live on YouTube by tagging the videos with the featured products and then we dynamically create and drop an affiliate within the description. Here’s an example; scroll down to see where it says product mentioned in this video.
  • Amazon Video Shorts – this is an area that is only open to programming partners with Amazon, like us!  Your videos will be made available to shoppers on product pages in the related video shorts section and within this Shorts area on the website. These videos are monetized through pre-roll and you receive a rev-share for any advertising that runs in front of these videos. The first video on this page is from someone leveraging our platform to syndicate to Amazon.
  • Amazon Video Direct – this is a self-service offering, for content creators to upload videos with closed captions for Prime customers to have access. These videos show up in the Amazon Video App, Smart TVs, etc. We offer content creators a white-glove service to do the work. Here’s an example of a sketch comedian that we are currently supporting with this service.
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