arrow_back is the "Highest Rated Influencer Marketing Platform for Enterprise" on G2

Today, G2 released their Spring 2022 reports highlighting and ranking the various competitors in the popular industries around the world. G2's advanced scoring methodology uses a combination of on-site client reviews as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Their goal is to showcase satisfaction, relevance and market presence in an unbiased and complete way.

We’re proud to announce that is officially the highest rated influencer marketing platform for enterprise according to G2.'s focus on providing top-notch customer service and value for our clients is showcased in the G2 research results in many different areas. The Enterprise Grid® Report highlights some of the factors which contribute to a product’s overall Relationship score on G2. Factors such as ‘ease of doing business with’, ‘quality of support’, ‘likelihood to recommend data’, and other important data points are all considered as the different players are ranked. had several major wins across the board on the release of G2’s Spring reports. Callouts across the board on both the general influencer marketing side and the enterprise influencer marketing side showcase the breadth of our offerings. Our ratings on the relationship index reports where companies are highlighted based on customer feedback are also substantial, giving weight behind the data that tells the story of our #1 placement. 

Looking at the reviews on G2, the data that is showcased in the reports is reflected in many cases across the different customer types and verticals that we’ve worked with. We look forward to receiving feedback from our clients as it helps our team know which areas we’re thriving in and where we have opportunities to grow to help their marketing efforts more-so in the future. Here are a couple of callouts: 


All in all, we’re ecstatic to be showcased on these various reports as G2 is amongst the most reputable sources when looking at reviews for products and organizations in their specific industries. Knowing that our customers are satisfied with our products and services drives us to keep pushing forward by improving and setting ourselves apart from the competition. 


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