How TikTok Is Changing Ecommerce and Influencer Marketing 

To say that social networking site TikTok is increasing in popularity is, at this point, a bit of an understatement. It is the most popular app today and used by people of all ages.

Influencer Marketing in the Era of Social Commerce

One of the biggest reasons why marketers are flocking to TikTok, in particular, is because the platform itself is incredibly popular with younger audiences. TikTok has managed to create a mobile ad platform that is so organically integrated into the content around it that people often don't even recognize they're watching ads to begin with. Ads resonate with users in a much more personal way, which is also something that further amplifies the power that influencer marketing brings with it

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Why TikTok Matters

But while all of this is certainly compelling evidence as to the rise in popularity of TikTok as an advertising platform, one still has to wonder — why is it making such an impact on ecommerce and influencer marketing at this particular moment?

The answer to that is complicated, though almost all roads lead back to the rise in popularity of social commerce. Over the last few years, buying products and services online is no longer simply a means to an end. The purchasing experience itself is a big part of what is giving modern-day consumers satisfaction. There's even a phenomenon knows as #TikTokmademebuyit where users feel compelled to share products they purchases as a result of seeing them talked about on the platform. From consumer electronics to makeup and other CPGs, businesses are driving sales as a result. The better the experience you can create as early on as you can, the more likely you are to make a sale.

TikTok has also developed into an effective discovery platform in a way that other social media channels like Twitter or even Facebook have not. On Facebook, you might follow a favorite brand to see what is new with them or to see what people are talking about. With TikTok, on the other hand, consumers can find out about new trends, products and services that they may not have otherwise discovered on their own at all.

Obviously, influencer marketing is at the center of both of these core concepts. But maybe one of the biggest reasons why TikTok has been such an influencer marketing powerhouse up to this point — and why it will continue to be moving forward — has to do with the authenticity of its content creators.

According to another recent study, Generation Z — one of the biggest audiences on the TikTok platform — is estimated to have a spending power that comes in at about $100 billion. These are people who put a higher priority on quality experiences over quantity. Likewise, they want brands and companies to take a stand on social issues and show that those businesses care about the same things they do.

How do you accomplish all of these things, all at the same time, without coming across like a cynical advertisement? You guessed it — influencer marketing. The change TikTok has driven in the way we think about ecommerce and influencer marketing is undeniable — but the catalyst behind it doesn't necessarily have to be any more complicated than that.

The Approach

At, we understand that connections with consumers matter. But with TikTok changing both ecommerce and influencer marketing so significantly, building and maintaining those connections on your own is becoming more challenging by the day — which is exactly what we want to help with.

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