How to Drive Success in Creative Partnerships and Influencer Marketing

In a recent Generation Influence podcast episode, Denise Vitola, VP Brand Integration PR, Social and Influencer for Bayer, shared her valuable insights and experiences in the world of influencer marketing.  Here we'll recap the takeaways from the evolution of influencer, to change in the space, and lessons that marketers can learn from this award-winning powerhouse of a marketing pro.

The Evolution of Influencer Marketing

The evolution of influencer marketing has been a major topic in the space as both the industry itself and the social platforms that drive it both develop, emphasizing the transformation from a mere trend to a generational shift.  In the podcast, Denise reflected on the initial skepticism surrounding influencer marketing, with some marketers hoping it would fade away. However, Denise, with her expertise and experience, recognized the staying power of influencer and that traditional marketers need to embrace the change and ride the wave of influencer marketing, as it continues to grow and evolve.

Overcoming Fear of Change:

Denise acknowledged that many marketers are hesitant to embrace influencer marketing due to fear of relinquishing control and the unfamiliarity of the process. However, she encouraged marketers to embrace the change and view it as an exciting opportunity rather than something to be feared. Influencer marketing allows brands to connect with their audience on a deeper level and provides a platform for creativity and innovation.

The Lesson for Marketers

What we love about these conversations is that they hone in on messages that are completely in-line with a lot of's core values and offerings in influencer.  For example:

  • The value of influencer content throughout the entire consumer journey
  • The ability to repurpose influencer content on:
    • Product pages
    • Social platforms
    • Brand-owned channels
    • Paid media
  • The creative value of professionally-generated content that's aimed to connect with audiences

Additionally, Denise's own experiences as an influencer hold valuable lessons for marketers and back up the ideas of why influencers are so successful.  First, she emphasizes the dedication and hard work required to be a successful influencer by emphasizing that consistent posting, storytelling, and engaging with the audience demand a significant investment of time and effort. Secondly, the role of empathy in influencer success was touched on as understanding the challenges and aspirations of their target audience, marketers can create meaningful and impactful campaigns.

Influencer marketing has evolved into a powerful force in the marketing world, and Denise's insights shed light on its significance and future potential. Marketers must recognize the value of influencer-generated content and the need to adapt to this evolving landscape. Embracing change, being brave, and building relationships with influencers can open doors to exciting opportunities and connect brands with their audience on a deeper level. As Denise aptly said, influencer marketing is here to stay and will continue to shape the marketing industry. Let us ride the wave and unlock the full potential of this transformative approach.