Ideal Flight Length for an Optimal Influencer Marketing Strategy

Campaign flight lengths are a hot topic in influencer marketing as so many different brands have seen success with varying methods. It absolutely makes sense to have certain pushes around product launches, shopping holidays, or other events that are specifically beneficial to a brand.  

Something marketers need to be thinking about is considering the value of evergreen content and always-on influencer strategies that significantly increase your SEO footprint. We’ll dive into some reasoning behind that, but long story short: 

  • Buyers are filling their carts and making decisions months before they plan to buy
  • An always-on content strategy is recommended across the board to index year-round 
    • Specific individual product pushes usually last between 2-6 weeks depending on the brand, platform, and amount of Creators. 
  • Post-campaign influencer metrics (impressions, sales, etc.) need to be included in ROI reports
As the top minds in the industry know, finding out the ‘Why’ behind points like these is how you take your campaigns to the next level. So, let’s go over some of that.

How Does the Buyer Decision Process Affect Content Timing? 

When thinking about the overall consumer buying process, there are several personas to consider when strategizing your marketing programs. In order to cater to last minute shoppers, impulse buyers, buyers like to plan ahead, and any other types of consumers, always-on content strategies are necessary to capture all available value, as well as optimize indexing opportunities. 

According to research from our quarterly consumer analysis deck, shoppers are looking and filling their carts months ahead of when they actually plan to buy. One in every five consumers surveyed said that they’re buying as far as 1-2 months ahead of a shopping event.  


If you start posting content in short intervals close to a product launch or shopping holiday, you’re missing out on all of the carts that are filled well before your campaign even started. This causes you to completely miss out on pure value from consumers that like to plan ahead and have already gone through the brand consideration phase months ago. 


The Value of Evergreen Influencer Marketing Content 

One of the top benefits of running influencer marketing is that the posts live on forever (excluding placements like IG stories, etc.) and if you’re utilizing the always-on strategy mentioned above, indexing will naturally become exponentially easier so you can stand out from your competitors.  

In general, when thinking about SEO and indexing as it relates to influencer marketing: 

  • SEO Benefits are generally underappreciated in the industry 
  • Views and impressions often have a snowball effect component, building momentum over time after a campaign is over. 
    • FYI sales will often follow the same path. Post-campaign sales cannot be ignored when evaluating influencer ROI. Many influencer marketers still don’t track sales, mainly because some don’t know that tools like Traail exist. 

By the time SEO benefits are recognized, a brand manager can be in an entirely different role, so setting up a method of tracking this type of information over time is vital to any marketer utilizing influencers. 

We cover more on indexing and SEO in our Long-Term SEO Value of Influencer Marketing post, so be sure to check that out to learn more. 

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