Influencer Video by the Numbers: Stats You Need To Know

We could tell you about influencer video until we’re blue in the face, but nothing is more convincing than cold, hard, numbers. We wanted to put together a few stats that helps outline the significance influencer video has today, how powerful it can be for brands, and what benefits it provides.

So why is influencer video such an important tool for brands to market their products? We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves…


YouTube is the preeminent channel for influencers to engage with their community, and the world as a whole. The meteoric rise of YouTube, in terms of traffic and videos watched, is a clear indicator of the power of influencer video.

A great example of YouTube’s importance in the world of influencer video is the story of PewDiePie.

PewDiePie recently made headlines when it was announced that his gross income from YouTube for 2014 was $7 Million. Only a few years ago, an online personality pulling that kind of money would have been unthinkable, but his success has shown the real value they have to brands.

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Here are some more impressive stats about YouTube for influencer video:

  • 1 billion regular users (Source: YouTube)
  • 4 billion videos views per day (Source: YouTube)
  • 6 billion hours of video watched per month (Source: YouTube)
  • 82% of teenagers (14-17) use YouTube regularly (Source: Percolate)
  • 72% of millennials regularly use YouTube (Source: VideoNuze)
  • Second largest search engine in the world (Source: Reelseo)


Many brands don’t fully understand how influencer video can impact eCommerce. Traditionally, influencer video has been used for reach and virality, both extremely important aspects of influencer marketing. However, including eCommerce optimization of influencer video, particularly in its distribution, can provide significant ROI for brands that sell online.


Online retail outlets such as Walmart, Target, Best Buy and others now allow brands to include influencer video on their product pages, making it even more important to invest in a strong influencer strategy.

  • 90% of online shoppers find video “helpful” in making purchasing decisions (Source: Video Brewery)
  • Millennials trust videos created by their peers 50% more than content from brands (Source: Mashable)
  • Influencer video placed on an online product page can increase sales by up to 30% (Source: EXPO)



Amazon went from a tiny website, selling a very limited number of products, to one of the only tech companies to survive the dot-com bubble burst. They are now a giant in the world of online retail. With the introduction of videos on product pages, Amazon has opened a whole new world for influencer video. Given the proven impact that influencer video has on purchasing decisions, the impressive statistics about Amazon become even more enticing.

  • 244 million active users (Source: GeekWire)
  • $89 Billion net sales in 2014 (Source: BusinessWire)
  • 182,620,000 unique visitors per month (Source: Statista)

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