New Release: Add to Cart & Embed Code

We continue to drive forward developing the platform for our users and we’re excited to share what our team has been up to.  We have two exciting releases from’s product development team.   

 Add to Cart 

With the new "Add to Cart" feature in the platform, marketers are now able to create links that directly add products to consumer carts. Creating these links is simple.  


Step 1:
Click the “add to cart" 
button in the products tabyou can control below for each product you want automatically added to the cart. →

Step 2:

Then choose your "Retailer(s)"

Step 3:
Add the Product "Name"

Step 4:
Select the "Quantity" of
each product


Common use cases for Add to Cart are:  
   Adding all ingredients from a cooking recipe 
   Make shopping more seamless for consumers for future purchases  
   Adding all supplies for a DIY project  
   Include multiple related products from the same brand to cart  

Aside from the direct bonus of making the purchasing process easier for end consumers, brands can now also calculate ‘Carted Value’ to see intent to purchase along with direct sales.   

Top brands and agencies are already realizing how important these tangible results are when analyzing their influencer and paid programs.  We are continuing to focus on providing meaningful results for brands that are interested in looking past engagements as their main influencer marketing KPI. 

 Embed Code 

Our new Embed Code feature is focused on our abilities to streamline brand efforts across multiple systems within the platform.  Customers can embed tables, timelines, charts, documents and visuals from project management platforms such as Airtable, Canva and Monday, directly in the platform.

For example, if your company is using Airtable to keep track of timelines across all digital marketing efforts, you can embed that timeline directly into so your team does not have to keep going back and forth between platforms for updates or tasks.  

Common use cases for embed code in the platform are:  
   Coordinate timelines across omni-channel        
     marketing efforts via a PMP  
   View influencer look books, proposals and wrap  
     decks in Canva   
   Store best practices and process documents for
     content, influencer and eCommerce activations  

There is so much more to come in our 2022 roadmap, so stay tuned for updates.