New Product Releases: Groundwork™, Discovery, & Influencer Profiles

New Product Releases: The Groundwork™, Discovery, and Influencer Profiles Tools

We are so excited to officially announce the release of’s campaign planning and influencer discovery tools.

With's vision of providing the leading solutions for full-funnel social commerce programs, we continue to develop tools that our clients can utilize to optimize their influencer and social commerce programs.  Here are the three latest developments that have officially launched:


Gradient Images-5-3Are you ready to put all of those campaign fulfillment spreadsheets away?’s Groundwork™ campaign planning suite modernizes organization, discovery, Creator approval, and more in order to make a simplified workflow for your pre-campaign checklist.

Customize your campaign planning experience, browse pre-populated influencer lists, stay on top of your goals and more within your Groundwork™ tool.

Check out the Groundwork™ page on our website to learn more →

Influencer Discovery

Untitled design-Sep-29-2022-07-45-37-60-PM-1Our Discovery Tool is designed to accelerate a brand's eCommerce success with influencer marketing.  Not only can you find the right type of influencers for the right price, but you can see how effective Creators are at selling products during your selection process.

Browse and filter by sales-centric sorting features as well as more generic search parameters that will ensure that you're able to find the best Creators based on your unique KPI's.

Check out more on Influencer Discovery →

Influencer Profiles

Gradient Images-3-Oct-07-2022-03-51-50-48-PMMake sure the influencers that you're working with are checking all of your boxes.  Our in-depth influencer profiles give brands the information they need to ensure they're working with influencers that will maximize the ability to hit their campaign goals.

Validate shopper metrics, utilize pre-made content assessments and discover everything you need to know about the Creators you're looking to work with.  Let us do all of the hard work for you so you can spend more time 

More on Influencer Profiles Here →

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