New Product Release: The Creator Portal & Payyer™ Tools

New Product Release - The Creator Portal and Payyer Tools 

We are so excited to officially announce the release of’s Creator-side platform tools.  

The Creator portal allows all Creators that sign up to get access to create a free media kit, as well as apply for our Payyer program and use our new Creator-side social landing pages. These tools are specifically designed to help Creators capitalize on themselves and to help brand managers/marketers get a more in-depth view on Creators they are thinking about working with, or may be working with already. 

Media Kits 

GIFS-9-2Creators that sign up through’s Creator Portal and connect a valid YouTube, Instagram or TikTok channel can create a free media kit and show off their content, audiences, rates and more to brands and marketers.

Creators will be able to showcase live samples of their most popular videos so brands and marketers can go beyond just the bio to find out what type of influencer they’re working with. 

We’re so excited to offer this as a completely complimentary feature for signing up with us. Once created, influencers can link brands to their media kit page seamlessly. 

Check out the media kits page on our website to learn more →


88-1Our Payyer tool allows approved Creators to create affiliate links to sell products all through the Creator Portal. Creators can then view which products and links are performing the best to see how much they are making, and what types of products their audience is buying. 

Creators undergo a vetting process to be approved for the Payyerprogram, but once approved this is an amazing way to earn bonuses on commission for certain products/retailers, sell products through multiple retailers using just one link, and more. 

Add-to-Cart links and Custom Landing Pages are both options in order to give Creators options in terms of what type of content these can be used for.  

Check out more on Payyer™ →

Custom Landing Pages for Creators 

GIFSCreators can now generate a full experience for their audience through custom landing pages that are created using our new landing page tool. Linking out to multiple retailers and product pages is a perfect way to invite audiences to join the Creator in the content that they’re making, while giving the audience the easiest and most convenient avenue to shop for the materials or items in the post.

More on Custom Landing Pages Here →

The official product launch was timed perfectly with VidCon where we’ll be able to showcase and talk about these tools to Creators and marketers alike!