New Social Media Platforms Added


We know many of our creators have strong followings on other channels and we are excited to work together now on larger campaigns that are across platform.

What it means for creators

All you need to do is log in and go to your settings page to link your other social media channels. You will also notice that our offers now have social media logos for where they require content posted. We hope that this is an amazing opportunity for our creators to tell a full story unrestricted by channel and make more money doing what you love to do: create!

What it means for brands

We had many requests for content that could live across multiple channels so we are excited that campaigns can now be set up easily with one click to add additional platforms where content will live on. Right now we can work together on content for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Twitch with Snapchat and Pinterest available on a ‘test and learn’ basis!

Social Amplification

We look forward to expanding our generation of influencer marketing storytelling to bring brand stories to life!