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MS of IM Post 5: What Size Influencer Should I Work With?

Key Article Takeaways:  Influencer tiers are generally similar, but can be slightly different depending on the influencer platform Engagement Rate benchmarks in the past solely showed Micro/Nano ...

Bill Hildebolt

MS of IM Post 4: Which Platforms are Best for an Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Key Article Takeaways:  YouTube, while usually more expensive to create content, is the best for SEO, driving meaningfully low CPC’s, production quality, and direct sales.  Every YouTuber has two ...

Bill Hildebolt

MS of IM Post 3: Why Is Influencer Marketing Usually Priced Based on Reach?

Key Article Takeaways:  Pricing based on Reach has been popular because:  It’s an easy-to-gather up front measurement metric  It’s a common denominator with previous outstanding media types such as ...

Bill Hildebolt

Post 2: The Swings in Influencer Marketing ROI Interest

Key Article Takeaways:  Pre-covid, ROI was a huge interest point in influencer marketing across the board  Right before Covid hit, the topic died down and brand managers wanted the influencer “fad” ...

Bill Hildebolt

Introducing a New Blog Series: The Math & Science of Influencer Marketing

Informally known as "MS of IM" Welcome to the introductory post in a series of content on the mathematics and economics of influencer marketing.This series is a first-person perspective of the impact ...

Bill Hildebolt

New Release! Amazon Viewership Data & Add to Cart Totals

We continue to drive forward developing the platform for our users and we’re excited to share what our team has been up to.  We have two exciting releases from’s product ...

Blake Vita

Choosing Between Instagram Placements - What Works Best?

Which Instagram feature is most successful for a brand campaign? 

Corey O'Neill & Group RFZ Announce Partnership Solidifying Advanced Influencer Marketing Reporting

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Group RFZ. Together and Group RFZ will provide a more comprehensive measurement framework across the full sales funnel for influencer ...

Blake Vita

eCommerce Industry and the COVID-19 "Return to Normal"

It’s no secret that the eCommerce sector boomed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. For much of 2020 and 2021, social distancing and quarantine took over and changed the consumer purchasing world. ...

Blake Vita is the "Highest Rated Influencer Marketing Platform for Enterprise" on G2

Today, G2 released their Spring 2022 reports highlighting and ranking the various competitors in the popular industries around the world. G2's advanced scoring methodology uses a combination of ...

Blake Vita