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2 Types of Sales Conversions Stemming from Influencer Marketing

Key Article Takeaways: There are two different conversion rates to consider: Product Page Conversion Rate and Influencer Conversion Rate Revenue = traffic x conversion rate x price. Everything you do ...

Bill Hildebolt

Evaluating an Influencer’s Audience

Key Article Takeaways: Audience measurement and avoiding unnecessary budget sinks are prevalent topics of discussion in brands/marketers running influencer Wanting to hone in on specific audiences ...

Bill Hildebolt

Organic Posts vs Paid Media Value

Key Article Takeaways: Main benefits from Paid Campaigns with Influencer Content: Easier comparisons to other marketing activities Cheaper on traditional metrics Easier targeting of appropriate ...

Bill Hildebolt The Long Term SEO Value of Influencer Marketing

The Long Term SEO Value of Influencer Marketing

Key Article Takeaways: SEO benefits are generally underappreciated in the influencer industry By the time SEO benefits are recognized, a brand manager can be in an entirely different role in a ...

Bill Hildebolt

It's a Hits-Driven Business! (Or, the Economics of Virality)

Key Article Takeaways: Best Practices in risk management (including influencer marketing) include: A portfolio approach Understanding the variability (Beta) in performance. Always estimate views ...

Bill Hildebolt

Shifting Values of The Three Basic Types of YouTube Sponsored Content

Key Article Takeaways: The three main YouTube sponsorships (aside from ambassadorships) are: :30 burn-in pre-roll, mid-roll, or end-roll Brand/product Integration Brand Showcase :30 burn-ins excel in ...

Bill Hildebolt

New Product Release: The Creator Portal & Payyer™ Tools

New Product Release - The Creator Portal and Payyer™ Tools

Blake Vita

The Hidden Costs of Influencer Marketing

Key Article Takeaways: Time is the overarching hidden cost in influencer marketing Scaling up is impractical without influencer tools since Brand Manager time is valuable Spending 5x as much per ...

Bill Hildebolt

Performance Variation Based on Influencer Vertical

Key Article Takeaways: While audiences typically have several interests, influencers will generally create content within their expertise. There are certain levels of follower passion compared with ...

Bill Hildebolt

The Value of an Organic YouTube View

Key Article Takeaways: Organic YouTube views are generally valued between $0.05-$.50 per view Top influencers can drive from $0.08-$0.12 in revenue per view in sales Long-form, video content that you ...

Bill Hildebolt

What Size Influencer Should I Work With?

Key Article Takeaways: Influencer tiers are generally similar, but can be slightly different depending on the influencer platform Engagement Rate benchmarks in the past solely showed Micro/Nano ...

Bill Hildebolt

Which Platforms are Best for an Influencer Marketing Campaign?

Key Article Takeaways: YouTube, while usually more expensive to create content, is the best for SEO, driving meaningfully low CPC’s, production quality, and direct sales. Every YouTuber has two ...

Bill Hildebolt