Performance Marketing Made Easy with Awin Power 100 Winner

We are super excited to announce that Awin has named part of their Power 100 for our role in Redefining Affiliate for the industry. We take a lot of pride in this effective endorsement of our platform and our mission to tie influencer marketing and ecommerce together through our advanced analytics, syndication and superior content. 

We first integrated with the Awin affiliate tracking and management platform in 2019 and our customers immediately were amazed at the magical, ability to see sales attribution from the Awin system flowing seamlessly into Backstage, our connected app platform designed to help teams operationalize data, create workflows  and access full-funnel performance analytics for influencer marketing. 

It is clear that Awin is committed to delivering holistic solutions to their clients that go beyond the capabilities of their platform. The Power 100 is a pretty great example of that commitment. 

“ is thrilled to have been selected in the industry-first Awin Power 100 for its pioneering efforts in helping brands forge next-level partnerships within the Creator Economy,” said Jessica Thorpe, CEO. “When both the influencer and marketer have access to advanced performance analytics, new business models can emerge, resulting in long-term value for both parties.”    

As we observe the DTC component of multichannel brands rise dramatically since COVID, bringing choice and balance to the ecommerce landscape, it’s a win for brands, consumers and innovation and it brings all new meaning to the phrase “partnership marketing.”

Awin + lets you track the basics of all influencer programs including reach, video views, impressions, shares, engagements, and all the lower funnel metrics to really understand if the influencers are helping you drive sales.  After all that’s the point of affiliate marketing right? The Backstage platform tracks everything from impression to sale

The Power 100 spotlights work done by leveraging the connected app integration between the two companies. This award-winning solution has achieved remarkable results, with one of our key partners, HP, standing out in the highly competitive PC business.  

How can help with partnership marketing?'s platform connects brands with top-tier influencers who produce targeted content to generate purchase intent and drive traffic, spanning various verticals like consumer electronics and health & beauty. With a suite of comprehensive features, our platform empowers retailers to manage their entire content pipeline, from influencer collaboration tools to sales tracking and advanced analytics.

What has the Awin integration opened up for brands like HP? 

Since our integration with Awin in 2019, we have witnessed unprecedented success, with HP emerging as one of our most fruitful partnerships. In a crowded marketplace where capturing customer attention is paramount, HP faced the challenge of standing out among numerous brands and third-party retailers. This is where our partnership with Awin proved to be a game-changer.

  • Identifying the perfect lineup of influencers and creators is vital for the success of every campaign. 
  • With the wealth of performance data at our disposal, our partnership with Awin empowered HP and to identify the content creators and audiences best suited to promote HP's product range. 
  • Leveraging insights from previous social content on's platform, combined with Awin's conversion analytics, HP could pinpoint the influencers who resonated most with their target audience.

Crafting engaging and informative content is key to success.

While data plays a pivotal role in selecting optimal influencers, creating content that truly resonates with audiences is equally important.'s expertise across multiple verticals and long-term relationships with influencers allowed us to handpick partners capable of effectively conveying HP's message and product nuances. Our collaboration extended to advising on the ideal content formats, be it short and snappy reels or comprehensive videos and reviews to yield the best results.

  • Over a 14-month period, the Intel campaign achieved an impressive 232% return on ad spend (ROAS). 
  • Additionally, HP's OMEN and Victus campaign garnered a remarkable 70% increase in clicks compared to the target, while organic viewership doubled the initial goal. 
  • Notably, during the Black Friday peak, sales witnessed an astounding month-over-month growth of 563%.

“It’s hard to overestimate the impact of these analytics and the ability to make data informed decisions. Not only are the outcomes better but the speed of execution accelerates, institutional confidence rises and a competitive advantage flywheel kicks in. It’s the difference between winning and fumbling in the dark.” - Bill Hildebot, Co-founder   

The partnership between and Awin continues proven to be a resounding success, exemplified by our collaboration with HP and this most recent acknowledgment in the Awin Power 100 report

Awin is one of several global Affiliate Platforms connected to We are continuously evaluating new partners and expanding existing integrations to build the best connected app platform designed to help teams operationalize data, create workflows  and access full-funnel performance analytics. You can learn more about our partner ecosystem here.

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