Prime Takeaways for your Holiday Marketing Efforts

Since its inception, Amazon Prime Day has rivaled the sales successes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but this year Prime Day success soared. As we take a look back at what happened during the biggest ecommerce sale of the summer we are able to glean insights, learn new shopping behaviors and shape our plans for the holiday shopping season accordingly.

Leave it to Amazon to not only create their own shopping holiday, but also beat their past performance on long-standing, established holidays. In a recent eMarketer report (Amazon Prime Day 2018 Unboxed) they found that not only were there more new Prime members than ever, but this was the biggest shopping event in Amazon history – it surpassed Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So how can brands use influencers to break through the noise this holiday and more importantly, convert any shoppers sent to these pages into paying customers?

  • Captivate shoppers with compelling video: Enhance your product pages with video educating customers on the superiority of your product, while inspiring them with talent that can highlight the product benefits. With more and more retailers competing for their share, you want to make sure that once a shopper hits your page they are fed all information they need to make a purchase before heading elsewhere.
  • Take advantage of Amazon’s media opportunities: If you’re not taking advantage of the media opportunities on Amazon, such as a curated brand pages or any AMG ads, you should be. Make these spends even more impactful by integrating influencer video to bring to life the unique features your product has to offer when compared to the competition.
  • Partner with the right influencer to tailor your brand’s message: Influencers are great at authentically engaging with their audiences when promoting products. Your shoppers will be flooded with targeted marketing messages based on their demographic information. Stand out by using influencers that resonate with your shoppers and leave them more likely to purchase.

And Amazon isn’t slowing down anytime soon, the deadline to submit seller applications to be featured as a Deal of the Day or Lightning deal is quickly approaching. Now is the time for brands to think about how they can raise awareness while also driving shoppers to these pages and converting them into sales.

If you are a brand that wants to make the most of their Amazon holiday efforts or are applying for a holiday deal with Amazon, check out our latest offering for you to get the most out of your efforts.