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A MAJOR Instagram Development - What it Means for Brands & Influencers

INSTAGRAM USERS REJOICE!!! Developments around how links are handled on the platform are finally getting launched.  This first breakthrough is huge for brands and Creators alike.

Blake Vita

New Podcast Series Announcment: Generation Influence is extremely excited to announce our newest content series: Generation Influence!

Blake Vita

It's a Shoppable World: How to Create the Perfect Shoppable Experience

Developments in the world of social media have led to countless revolutions in the way that content is generated, shared, and ultimately monetized. With that, marketers are testing what works best ...

Blake Vita

Analyzing and Optimizing Your Digital Shelf

Immersing your target consumers in the most effective journey through the purchase funnel is a vital piece of the ever-evolving puzzle of marketing success. Since there’s no sure-fire way of ...

Blake Vita

Influencer Marketing Platform,, Announces Shopify Integration

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Shopify. Together, and Shopify will provide a more comprehensive measurement framework across the full sales funnel for influencer ...

Blake Vita

Influencer Marketing: The Ideal Recession-Proof Tactic

According to the official definition of ‘recession’,the U.S. has been in a recession since Summer 2022 with two consecutive quarters of a fall in GDP. Even the social giants like Meta arereporting ...

Blake Vita

When Should Brands Start Advertising for Shopping Holidays?

It’s no secret that online shopping holidays present an unmatched opportunity to the eCommerce world. Amazon Prime Day alone reached a new record high in 2022 with $12B in sales attributed to the ...

Abigail Ray

The Value of Cross-Posting on Multiple Platforms

Key Article Takeaways: Cross-promotion has major benefits including: Supporting authenticity Assisting reach + Frequency Provision of additional assets In today's video-first world, cross promotion ...

Bill Hildebolt

Ruminations on Partnership Marketing and Influencer Marketing

Key Article Takeaways: Affiliate marketing has grown in the digital world The performance marketing space has rebranded to “partnership marketing” Partnership marketing claims influencer marketing as ...

Bill Hildebolt

Maximizing Clicks from Social to eCommerce

Key Article Takeaways:  There are a few simple rules for maximize clicks on social: Let them go where they want to go Utilize coupons Stack your links Influencers are taking advantage of sources like ...

Bill Hildebolt

How are Retailer Preferences Shifting for Social Media Users?

Key Article Takeaways:  In eCommerce, it's important to give consumers the choice of where they can buy a product based on availability. Factors such as browsers enabling auto-fill payment ...

Bill Hildebolt The Long Term SEO Value of Influencer Marketing

The Long Term SEO Value of Influencer Marketing

Key Article Takeaways: SEO benefits are generally underappreciated in the influencer industry By the time SEO benefits are recognized, a brand manager can be in an entirely different role in a ...

Bill Hildebolt