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Industry Whitepaper: Analyzing the Top Influencers in Tech

We're extremely excited to announce a brand new industry whitepaper around top influencers the tech vertical. In this whitepaper, we take a deep dive into the tech vertical in social media to analyze ...

Blake Vita

The Startup Mindset: Lessons from an eCommerce Trailblazer

Within the landscape of influencer marketing, businesses are constantly searching for the right balance between innovation and stability. The strategies that startups employ often differ ...

Blake Vita

The Evolution of E-commerce: Insights from a Marketing Expert

In the ever-evolving landscape of e-commerce, the fusion of marketing and sales strategies has become paramount for brands aiming to succeed. In this week's episode of the Generation Influence ...

Blake Vita

Success Strategies in Influencer Marketing & Amazon Selling

In the ever-expanding world of e-commerce, Amazon has emerged as a dominant force, revolutionizing the way products are bought and sold. As traditional brand models face challenges, a new breed of ...

Blake Vita

A MAJOR Instagram Development - What it Means for Brands & Influencers

INSTAGRAM USERS REJOICE!!! Developments around how links are handled on the platform are finally getting launched. This first breakthrough is huge for brands and Creators alike.

Blake Vita

New Podcast Series Announcment: Generation Influence is extremely excited to announce our newest content series: Generation Influence!

Blake Vita

The Value of Cross-Posting on Multiple Platforms

Key Article Takeaways: Cross-promotion has major benefits including: Supporting authenticity Assisting reach + Frequency Provision of additional assets In today's video-first world, cross promotion ...

Bill Hildebolt

Maximizing Clicks from Social to eCommerce

Key Article Takeaways: There are a few simple rules for maximize clicks on social: Let them go where they want to go Utilize coupons Stack your links Influencers are taking advantage of sources like ...

Bill Hildebolt

How are Retailer Preferences Shifting for Social Media Users?

Key Article Takeaways: In eCommerce, it's important to give consumers the choice of where they can buy a product based on availability. Factors such as browsers enabling auto-fill payment information ...

Bill Hildebolt The Long Term SEO Value of Influencer Marketing

The Long Term SEO Value of Influencer Marketing

Key Article Takeaways: SEO benefits are generally underappreciated in the influencer industry By the time SEO benefits are recognized, a brand manager can be in an entirely different role in a ...

Bill Hildebolt

3 Ways Marketers Can Optimize Their Holiday Campaigns

The holidays are upon us and this year we’re facing a shorter shopping window between Thanksgiving and Christmas making the competition to reach shoppers tougher than ever. For marketers, it’s worth ...

Kaila Stein