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Is Influencer Marketing More Effective than Paid Advertising?

There are certain conversations in each industry that continuously make their rounds as new players rise up, and experienced ones evaluate performance in search of optimizations in strategy. ...

Blake Vita

The Top Do's and Don'ts for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

With influencer marketing blowing up as much as it has been in the past few years, tons of brands and marketers are new to the space and therefore haven’t gone through the trials and tribulations of ...

Blake Vita
Evaluating Influencer Performance

Hidden Value Marketing Tips: How to Evaluate Influencer Performance

A performance-based approach is beneficial in most areas of marketing, and influencer marketing is no different. Evaluating how well an influencer has performed on a program can be broken down into a ...

Blake Vita

Proof that Influencers are the Best Affiliate Marketers

When you think of influencers as marketers, what benefits come to mind? Awareness is the easy answer, as is brand lift, brand loyalty, and cost effectiveness. But what most marketers overlook is that ...

Caitlin Kramer

Three Influencer Marketing Strategies that Have Evolved Over Time

Social Media and Influencer Marketing are ever-evolving industries that are difficult to stay in front of. Marketers can easily fall behind on what’s working in their strategies as platform ...

Blake Vita

#BuildForTikTok Challenge Champions:!

We are excited to announce that has been chosen as the #BuildForTikTok 2022 champion for our innovative TikTok solutions.

Blake Vita

The Value of Cross-Posting on Multiple Platforms

Key Article Takeaways: Cross-promotion has major benefits including: Supporting authenticity Assisting reach + Frequency Provision of additional assets In today's video-first world, cross promotion ...

Bill Hildebolt

Maximizing Clicks from Social to eCommerce

Key Article Takeaways: There are a few simple rules for maximize clicks on social: Let them go where they want to go Utilize coupons Stack your links Influencers are taking advantage of sources like ...

Bill Hildebolt

How are Retailer Preferences Shifting for Social Media Users?

Key Article Takeaways: In eCommerce, it's important to give consumers the choice of where they can buy a product based on availability. Factors such as browsers enabling auto-fill payment information ...

Bill Hildebolt

Repurposing Influencer Content & Perpetual Rights

Key Article Takeaways: Many influencers and their representatives are pushing for the “show business” model, noting that they are “talent” in every sense that an actor in a movie is. An influencer's ...

Bill Hildebolt

2 Types of Sales Conversions Stemming from Influencer Marketing

Key Article Takeaways: There are two different conversion rates to consider: Product Page Conversion Rate and Influencer Conversion Rate Revenue = traffic x conversion rate x price. Everything you do ...

Bill Hildebolt

Evaluating an Influencer’s Audience

Key Article Takeaways: Audience measurement and avoiding unnecessary budget sinks are prevalent topics of discussion in brands/marketers running influencer Wanting to hone in on specific audiences ...

Bill Hildebolt