Top 3 Reasons Why Brands Should Focus on Video Product Reviews

Often when thinking about differentiating a product in a highly saturated market, brands think about what information would make a consumer realize the benefits of their specific product over the others in their space. Inspiring confidence while your potential customer is making their purchase decision is the holy grail of many lower-funnel marketing strategies.  

Establishing five-star ratings was part of the boom of the eCommerce world. Pattern has reported that even an increase of one star on Amazon can result in a 26% increase in conversions. With this vision of success, people inevitably found ways to manipulate ratings to give themselves, and consumers, a false sense of the true reviews of a product or service. It became apparent that this was happening, resulting in a growth of distrust from consumers looking at star ratings and the written reviews that would go along with them. 

This, combined with the rapid development of technology and marketing innovation over the past decade, leaves consumers wanting more as they consider the different branded options for their purchase.Blog Images-Nov-01-2022-07-23-21-8973-PM-1

According to’s 2022 quarterly social commerce report, two out of three consumers are utilizing other primary research methods to make informed purchase decisions. 

Driving Confidence by Diversifying Reviews

Adapting to these trends starts with the type of assets that brands are utilizing to promote. In that same report, we see that YouTube is almost even with Google and Amazon in terms of where consumers are going to look for product information. Consumers want to see, for the lack of a better phrase, quality evidence that the product that they’re going to buy is going to be up to par with what’s advertised on the product page. 

Top 3 Reasons to Focus on Video Product Reviews 

For brands, diversifying efforts around product reviews by incorporating video will: 

    • Inspire higher confidence in a product’s look and feel on a product page 
    • Appeal to the large demographic that doesn’t consider written or star reviews during research 
    • Allow for the creation of content that’s easy to repurpose onto popular social platforms both organically and through paid 

These are some of the leading reasons that brands are utilizing influencers to create video content instead of producing in-house or through a content production company. Influencers have the same high-quality videography skills as this is often necessary to grow their channel, and their content is evergreen and will naturally live on their channels to compliment a brand’s SEO efforts.  

Additionally, brands can use retail syndication methods to repurpose that content to be showcased on product pages across major online retailers. Not only do you get production-value video content reviews showcased on your product page, but you’re hitting that target consumer market that is solely searching on YouTube or other social platforms for product reviews.’s social commerce report also shows that 59% of survey respondents are making purchase decisions based on what an influencer recommends. Brands are getting value from consumers searching for reviews on your product, while also getting the earned exposure of the influencer’s audience that may not have even been in the market for your product in the first place. 

 Trust in Influencer Reviews


With a recession looming, it’s imperative for brands to consider marketing tactics like influencer that hit the necessary pain points to connect with consumers in this market, and that will provide value beyond just getting five-star reviews. 

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