5 Major Advancements That Social Platforms Made For Creators This Year

We've seen tons of progression this year when it comes to the big social platforms like TikTok, Meta, LinkedIn and others advancing their offerings and technologies for the betterment of Creators. Influencer marketing continues to skyrocket and these social giants are investing in tools that are making Creators excited about making content on their platform. This not only helps the Creators themselves, but also brands who are in the process of social media planning who are looking to find top performing Creators that are making use of these consolidated tools.

Here is what we've gathered as some of the top upgrades social platforms have made so far this year for Creators.  

#1: YouTube Invites Shorts-Focused Creators Onto Their Partnership Program

At the Made on YouTube event this year, YouTube announced that the YouTube Partner Program will be available to Creators focusing on YouTube Shorts.  Creators who hit a threshold of 1,000 Shorts subscribers and 10 Million Shorts views will be eligible to apply for YouTube’s Partner Program, opening up additional income sources for Creators through ad revenue on both Shorts and Long-form Videos.  We’re so excited to see another Creator-focused step that YouTube is taking, even if the real goal is most likely around stealing additional market share from TikTok and other short-form video solutions. 

#2: Instagram Helps Creators Optimize Their Potential Income

Instagram recently launched an ad campaign designed to help Creators learn how to best make money across the platform and its many features. With six-second and 15-second digital ads, Instagram is helping Creators learn about how to best monetize their channel, regardless of what vertical they’re in. It’s so amazing to see Instagram hopping on the train of  platforms supporting the countless Creators that are the lifeblood of social media. 

#3: LinkedIn Expands Their Content Creation Tools for Creators

Along with the amazing features above, it’s great to see that LinkedIn is also at the party. They’ve added clickable links that are now available on images and videos to encourage followers to take action, as well new built-in templates (similar to what Meta has been doing) that Creators can choose from to give some more flair and spice to their content. On top of that, Carousels are scheduled to come this fall. LinkedIn is solidifying themselves as one of the top platforms in the B2B Creator space. @Twitter, where you at?! 

#4: Meta Adds Music Rev-Share

From Creator Fund programs to new features that directly help growth, we’ve seen a massive boom in contributing to the Creator success across the board.  Another example of this is Meta’s new music rev-share option which allows video Creators to include licensed music in their videos and earn a share of in-steam ad revenue. 

#5: Instagram's Creator Discovery Space

Instagram is making waves in the Creator discovery space, developing their marketplace tool to help Creators market themselves and get picked up for sponsorships by brands. We’ve seen the same types of activations with other social giants like TikTok, and it’s amazing to have these in-app tools to help Creators thrive. Influencer and Content platforms will still be needed for workflow, analytics and discovery beyond the in-app database, but anything the platforms do to help Creators is welcome with open arms. 

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