3 Influencer Trends to Watch in 2019


From food to tech to beauty and home – our diverse community of creators produced high-quality, engaging video content that drove meaningful results for our clients in 2018, proving once again that influencer video is a brand marketer’s secret weapon.

Check out the highlights from our year here:

2018 brought us the rise of micro and even nano influencers and more emphasis on tracking and reporting of influencer marketing campaigns. Ecommerce sales continued to soar with Amazon leading the pack – especially during holiday. As we look ahead to 2019, here are the top trends we expect to see:

1. Influencer Will Continue to Gain Momentum Across All Marketing Channels 

While we know that influencers shine on social media, smart brands are now starting to use influencer content at every digital touchpoint – including email, ecommerce product pages, and advertising campaigns. By leveraging influencer content, brands not only get more bang for their buck but the content comes across as more authentic and engaging.

2. Always-On Partnerships  

Brands will focus on forging long-term partnerships with the right influencers who align with their brand. The reason? Long-term partnerships provide brands with longevity and authenticity. Building a long-term brand ambassador program allows influencers to create genuine endorsements that win over the trust of their followers as opposed to promoting a product once and never mentioning it again. It also affords brands the opportunity to test which creative efforts are most effective – video, images, direction, format, messaging.  Brands will continue to look closely at the quality of an influencer’s audience engagement and the content they produce when deciding who to invest in for these long-term partnerships.

3. Increased Focus on Measurement 

Brands will need to use these measurements to justify their influencer marketing programs and determine what’s working and what’s not. Tracking and measurement can be murky without the right tools in place, so it’s more important than ever to prioritize this in your influencer campaigns and we can help! Here are some of the metrics marketers should be focused on in 2019:

  • Conversion rate from influencer content
  • Cost per conversion from UGC content
  • CTR

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