Trend Tracker: What's Trending in Influencer Marketing

When it comes to influencer content, sometimes it feels impossible to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s trending and garnering the most clicks and views. What’s in today could be out tomorrow.

Some trends, however, have more staying power and can be leveraged by brands to reach their marketing and sales goals. With more than 60% of shoppers saying that digital video has given them ideas and inspirations for their purchases, more and more savvy brands and retailers are weaving in influencer video content into their marketing strategies.


Google’s latest video trends report showed two trending topics that we have seen success with. According to the report, watch time for morning routine videos where an influencer talks through their skincare and makeup regimen has more than tripled in the past two years. For nighttime routine videos, there’s been an 80% lift in watch time in the past year alone. Lifestyle influencers are in agreement that routine videos are extremely resonant with their audience and often receive higher views and engagement compared to their other videos. Typically, the views on an influencer video will spike when the video launches and then peter off shortly after, but with routine videos there’s more staying power and we’ve seen views continue to climb.

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Beauty, health and wellness and even food and beverage brands should take note of this trend as an opportunity to introduce their brands and products to new consumers primed to purchase and actively seeking out everyday products to add their own routines and lifestyles.


As holiday travel revs up and temperatures begin to drop, it’s no surprise that people are turning to video to help inform their vacations and inspire wanderlust.  According to a study done by Google, this year, views of travel-related videos increased 41% in August and September compared to 2017. People are ditching traditional guidebooks and blogs and researching travel on YouTube instead.

Instagram is also reshaping the way people travel. Henry Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst and the president of Atmosphere Research Group recently told The New York Times: “Now you see airports, airlines, cruise ships, hotels and points of interest designing or redesigning their interiors to be Instagram-friendly.”

Posted to Instagram, the above video of two humpback whales at Great Bear Lodge in British Columbia went viral and the lodge’s following grew from 600 to nearly 50,000. Booking inquiries jumped 1,350 percent that week.

Brands in the travel industry can jump on this trend and weave in their products and services in influencer content that inspires travelers to stay in a specific hotel, visit a trendy restaurant or carry a particular piece of luggage when they travel.

Leveraging trending influencer video content can be a tough proposition as timing is key, but the rewards and opportunities it presents can be a slam dunk for brands and retailers looking to drive sales and awareness.

Outdoors Allie’s Appalachian Trail hiking trip from our EPIC Provisions campaign: 


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