Trending News on Social Media: First Impressions Newsletter Top Picks

If you’re not already in-the-know about gen video’s First Impressions newsletter, you’re missing out on the easiest and best way to stay on top of eCommerce, influencer marketing and social media news. We cover everything from Elon Musks’ Twitter purchase storyline to the newest and hottest developments from the major social media platforms that keep everyone entertained. 

Certain topics will always come to the forefront as the most exciting and impactful industry updates, so here’s a sneak peek for you to check out our list for the top callouts from the First Impressions newsletter for 2022: 

#1 Multiple Social Platforms Copying BeReal’s Offering 

With all of the tech startups that try to be the next big thing, we have to take time to appreciate when an idea comes along that turns the heads of an entire industry. Released in 2020, BeReal’s concept of a dual-sided photo or video made for some inspirational content that consumers loved to be a part of. 
All of the hype didn’t go unnoticed by the social media giants once the usage numbers started to rise. Here are just a few iterations of copycat versions of BeReal: 

Imitation is the best form of flattery, but it's a cutthroat world in an industry where a good idea can get copied and drowned out by companies with infinite resources.  

#2 The Growth of Influencer Tools 

We've seen tons of progression this year when it comes to the big social platforms like TikTok, Meta, LinkedIn and others advancing their offerings and technologies for the betterment of Creators. Influencer marketing continues to skyrocket and these social giants are investing in tools that are making Creators excited about making content on their platform. 

These upgrades not only help the Creators themselves, but also brands who are in the process of social media planning who are looking to find top performing Creators that are making use of these consolidated tools. 

#3 The Saga of Twitter and Elon Musk 

We would be remiss if we didn’t put the Elon Musk Twitter storyline on this list. There was so much drama and speculation as to how this venture would play out and we enjoyed covering it the entire way. This story had everything: 

  • A hero that turned into a villain 
  • Corporate poison pill tactics 
  • Free speech that turned into hate speech 
  • Brands and advertisers ‘nope’ing out of the mix 

The most recent news covered the loss of 50 out of 100 of Twitter’s top advertisers from the platform since Musk officially took over.  

Elon bringing in the sink upon entering Twitter HQ for his “let that sink in” joke has quickly turned into a “sinking the entire company” meme that is widespread across the web. 

#4 YouTube Releases Channel Handles 

This platform upgrade deserves its own specific callout and it’s surprising that it took this long to be implemented. Up until now, the way to find and interact with different channels on YouTube happened through domains, on-platform search, or other workaround methods.   

YouTube announced that Creators will now be able to have an actual @handle for their channel in order to make it easier for users to find Creators and to drive more traffic to the site.   

A huge part of this is probably coming as a part of the growth of Shorts. Handles just make sense for a short-form video platform as users will jump around between content and channels so much more often.    

#5 The Growth of Livestreaming 

Over the course of the last few months, we’ve covered many advancements in the world of livestreamed influencer content across a few different platforms. Live shopping combined with the tools that platforms offer to make sponsorships more engaging are skyrocketing brand interest, which in turn incentivizes the social platforms to make some amazing advancements: 

With the livestreaming market expected to reach upwards of $200B by 2027, we’re ready and waiting to cover the newest innovations that come through.