Video. It's a Mindset.

So what are the top 20 reasons for watching video worldwide? Here's a ranking and I think you'll find a few surprises in the mix as it relates to the world of influencer marketing.

Celebrities aren't everything. Now I am not saying that brands should walk away from working with celebrities. If the celebrity authentically aligns to the brand's values and purpose, it can be transnational. I mean, when is the last time you think Khloe Kardashian actually cleaned her kitchen? All jokes aside, it is clear that there is a shift occurring and consumers are looking for quality, authentic and credible content – whether for entertainment or for education. And the person in the 'center stage' conveying that message, is not nearly as important as it was in the past. In fact, we know that 33% of consumers say that Influencers are a trusted source and they are willing to try new products based on their recommendations. That’s more than any other source, including the brand itself.

Trust & Credibility 

Passion + Purpose. Meeting consumers where they are with what they need is more important than ever. People are looking to learn and grow and enrich their lives as best they can while sheltering at home. Discovering content, video in particular, is about getting to things that appeal to personal interests and passions. Influencers can be a great vehicle for doing this in an organic way.

How can you apply this to the work you are doing with influencers? Something that I often speak to my customers about is ‘Mindset Marketing’. Mindset matters and it drives what people watch, who people want to get information from and what they are looking for in any moment in time. When you find that perfect intersection point between your creative platform and a strategic insight, you will land on the creative concept that will ensure your influencer marketing campaign is successful.