What Roll Will Video Play This Black Friday

There’s no surprise that retailers are pushing merchants (brands that sell goods on their ecommerce sites) to optimize product pages with enhanced content. The richer the experience, the more likely a shopper is to convert. Historically, brands have been focused on developing flat content in the form of keyword optimized copy to help drive search visibility and images. Video has become equally, if not more important, to consider for brands looking to edge out their competition this holiday season.

Over the next two weeks, gen.video will take a deeper look at some of the latest video related ecommerce trends leading into the busiest shopping season of the year…in this 5 part blog series.


Make Videos Highly Visible

In an environment where every pixel counts, the proof is in the placement with regard to the importance and impact video plays on aiding and driving conversion. It’s too early to tell, but we suspect that this high prominence, specifically when leveraging influencer video will bode well for brands as we approach Black Friday and Cyber Monday.   The three largest mass merchant eRetailers have all placed significant priority on video at the top of product pages – above the fold and alongside the pack shots. While there is data to support the simple presence of video on product pages to drive conversion, there is even more out there that speaks to the power of a strong thumbnail or starter image for a video.

Walmart – prominent ‘video icon’ that opens up a player in place of product image

Amazon – Small ‘video icon’ with thumbnail image behind play button that opens a player in place of product image

Sears – Prominent video thumbnail with play button that opens a player in place of the product image

In our opinion, Sears has a leg up on the others based on the size, placement and thumbnail optimization around the video integration on product pages. As the only influencer video platform with a broad reaching ecommerce distribution network, gen.video will continue to monitor the intersection between social and commerce to help guide brands on both video strategy and content management.

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