YouTube Influencer of the Month: Courtney Hale

Meet Courtney – our September Influencer of the Month! She has been a member of our community for about a year now and has quickly become our go-to influencer for everything from parenting advice to organizing to technology. She also participates on the HP Millennial Influencer Panel. We love working with her because you can tell in her videos that she truly believes in the content she creates and values what impact it may have on her viewers. We asked her to answer a few questions to learn more about her as a YouTube influencer.

What made you want to become a content creator?

I left the film industry after we decided to start a family because the hours and schedule weren’t ideal for parenting (I was often away on set for 6 weeks at a time)… I started on YouTube as both a way to share my pregnancy journey and as a fun outlet after I had stopped working. It turned into more than I anticipated and became this amazing place for me to share our family adventures, parenting ups and downs, fun, and so much more.  I love it!

What advice would you give to someone that is just starting out?
Everyone always says that you have to do YouTube for  the love of it and that can get old to hear when you really want to turn it into more of a career BUT…. there is SO much truth to that overused piece of advice. YouTube and Content Creation isn’t always a sure thing. There are ups and downs and bumps in the road… so if you AREN’T doing something you love on it, you aren’t going to be happy. Do something you enjoy, something you are passionate about. Yes, you are making content for your audience and online community but at the end of the day you have to believe in it, you have to love it, YOU have to live with it.

Why do you use is my platform of choice. I work the MOST with them and the reasons are simple. They connect me with amazing brands that can be hard to connect with otherwise. They are ALWAYS there for me when I have a question, concern, or comment. They are enthusiastic and kind and just a joy to work with. I know I can count on them and that is very important to me.

Favorite campaign?
They’ve all been awesome but the HP 4650 printer and Serta campaigns were pretty great!

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