How-To Create A Content List 

Step by Step Guide.

Building lists of content to share and collaborate.

1. Click on the content tab   

This is where you can see all content generated from influencers, partners and the team. It is organized by Creator (stuff made by social media influencers or actual consumers), Professional (stuff produced by agency partners, or assets uploaded directly by the brand) and Lists.  Lists are collections of assets.  This how-to is designed to step you through the process on how to create lists.   

Go to content tab in backstage

2. Check off assets you want in list   

There are checkboxes in the upper left corner of all media assets. Simply select the assets that you want to include in your list. 

select media assets

3. Click 'Add Checked' Button       

This is where you will either select from a pre-existing list or create and name a new list for saving the media assets.  once you do that click save. 

creating new list

4. Confirm List

Once the list is saved you can continue to add additional video and images to it as needed.  You can see the list by click the Lists link. As long as the list is created you're in good shape. The assets take a few minutes to render there so hang tight.

list management