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The world where gaming consisted of Pacman and Donkey Kong serving as a fun hobby for bored enthusiasts is long gone. Nowadays, gaming is a hyper-competitive and wildly popular industry with a market size value of over $220 Billion. An enormous part of that growth is directly attributed to mainstream gaming influencers that have built monetizable, brand-safe channels to showcase their skills.

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What is a Gaming Creator & Who is Tuning In?

Yes, people get paid to play video games, but what does that mean exactly?  Often the best or most entertaining players of any given video game will quickly build an audience by either recording themselves or live streaming themselves playing.  It’s as simple as downloading a free software to record or stream, turning on the video game, and pressing “Go”.

A common question that comes up in discussion is “Why would anyone watch someone play video games?” It’s the same as any sport.  Audiences either want to watch unbelievably skilled players so they can improve on their own game, or they want to watch a top-tier entertainer that they prefer tuning into instead of a television screen. 

Why Work with Gaming Influencers?

Here’s the value that you came here for. An avid gaming enthusiast’s spending power is astronomically higher on average than their non-gaming counterparts. The audiences that are tuning into these streams or videos are often extremely focused on how they can get better.


There's a reason that people buy Michael Jordan-brand shoes. They want to be like Mike. When gaming enthusiasts see the best player in the world using a certain piece of equipment or following a certain routine, they are influenced to copy that in order to improve their own play.

  • Which gaming laptop are they using? 
  • What mobile games do they play to keep themselves sharp? 
  • What Headphones/Keyboard/Mouse/etc do they use? 
  • What are they eating/drinking during long 10-hour sessions to keep themselves focused?
  • What comfortable clothes are they wearing throughout their long sessions?
  • What brands of pet food are they feeding their cat or dog that is always making a cameo on stream?

This opens up an opportunity for brands who sell these types of products to connect with gaming influencers for sponsored partnerships. 

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What Are the Top Social Gaming Platforms for Influencer Games? has a firm grasp on the gaming market with over 78.6% market share in “hours watched” compared to popular competitors such as YouTube Gaming (16.2%) and Facebook Gaming (5.2%).  Thousands of streamers across these platforms are ready to partner with relevant brands to create thrilling, engaging influencer marketing campaigns.  Often, streamers will be present on all 3 platforms as well as TikTok to build hype, promote highlights, and connect with other content creators. 
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Engaging Marketing that Works

Explore the different ways of utilizing gaming influencers through sponsored content and/or live, engaging experiences.  The possibilities are endless with ways that these partnerships could work, but some of the most popular are:

  • Sponsored Highlight or Tutorial Videos 
  • Sponsored Live Streams with Product Placement 
  • Interactable Live Streams Where Viewers Engage with the Promotion
  • Sponsored long-term ambassadorships with logos, branding, etc. on all live and recorded content


Ready to Go and Not Sure Where to Get Started?

The gaming space is vast and it's tough to know how to engage with these Creators to keep content authentic and relevant to the viewers.  Connecting with a team of experts in the space like will ensure that your first influencer marketing experience in gaming is seamless and optimized.

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