Omen & Victus

HP worked with to develop a strategy around their Omen & Victus gaming laptops to utilize tech and gaming influencers to highlight the specs, different features and accessibility of the two products.

the challenge

Connecting a Face to the Brand

Through a mix of known, trusted ambassadors as well as new influencers, our goal was to not only create buzz and push the products, but also test the market with new potential faces for HP.

the approach

Planning the Ultimate Tech Campaign

With the long-term partnerships that HP and have in place, research and planning before programs happens by leveraging all of the past data and success stories that we've seen.  Through's backstage platform, we sift through past sales data broken out by influencer, platform, and retailer evaluated against the context of supported product, time of year and other contextual elements.  For example, we saw that one of HP's ambassadors had previously been used on similar campaigns and generated hundreds of thousands in brand sales and a 200%+ ROI.  By incorporating this type of influencer as a campaign cornerstone, we can then be more experimental with the rest of the line-up to find new stars, new audience and new approaches to the content without compromising ROI.


Following a repositioning of the OMEN gaming laptops in 2019 to focus on a more mainstream audience interested in mobility and crossover devices. With that in mind, we took the approach to diversify our content distribution between dedicated gaming-focused Creators and tech-focused Creators that also had a gaming niche to convey how these laptops can support a breadth of use cases.

In terms of scoped content, the program included a dozen influencers creating content on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

the execution

The Perfect Blend of Influencer and Affiliate Marketing’s Backstage platform is directly integrated with a number of affiliate networks including Awin, Impact, Amazon and others, allowing us to track attributed sales at hundreds of retailers around the world. Because of the breadth of these integrations, we are able to be agnostic in terms of allowing brand teams to push traffic to the retailer or retailers of their choice, even as our platform handles all of the hard work integrating and normalizing the inbound data feeds and determining which retailer is converting the highest amount of traffic.


For this program, consumers were driven to Best Buy, Amazon and all with links created through the platform. Unique links were created not just for each influencer, but for each specific post to ensure that we could differentiate and dissect performance by influencer, platform and supported retailer. Along with streamlining the link generation itself,’s ability to showcase the broken-down affiliate sales data in real time allows for in-program optimizations as well as informing strategy in future programs.


Additional benefits of using affiliate networks to track results:

  •  Rather than just focusing on target products (the Omen and Victus products being promoted), we can open the aperture and get visibility into sales of all HP products for a broader sense of impact
  •  Although not as positive of a story, we can even see competitive sales, providing clues as to how both marketing and the products need to evolve
  • The evergreen nature of the content and links allows us to track sales beyond the end of the initial focus. Since this program wrapped in late 2021, attributed sales have increased by 30% and based on historical trends might end up 50 – 100% higher than the initial readout

In addition to the standard social media posts on the influencers’ channels, we delivered 12 post production assets for HP and its marketing partner AMD to leverage across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These incremental assets further enhanced ROI for the campaign, allowing the clients to avoid separate production costs (and time and energy) and enabling them to put paid support behind the content being generated where needed.



Social Platforms Used

YouTube, Instagram, TikTok

the results

HP Tech Influencer Campaign Results

45% more content produced than originally scoped
17.5% higher reach than what was scoped
Views at a whopping 112.5% above estimates
Traffic in excess of 70% above estimates

Not to Mention...

Generic Social Ads

The Omen & Victus Campaign Won Gold at the 2022 Pro Awards!!!

We are delighted to report the Omen & Victus campaign was named the GOLD winner for the Best eCommerce Campaign at the 2022 Pro Awards!

The Omen & Victus Campaign Won an Influencer Marketing Award!!

We are delighted to report the Omen & Victus campaign was named the winner for the Best Use of Affiliate Marketing at the 2022 Influencer Marketing Awards!



the influencers

The Best Tech Influencers For the Job

For this fun and innovative campaign, we wanted to find influencers that would thrive at telling the HP story in a way that audiences could easily digest.  This campaign would have been nothing without these amazing faces behind the brand.

Judner A.


Hardware Canucks


Harris H.




Enobong E.


Colin W.


Miles P.


Gavin A.


Lindsey A.


Tim S.


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