Top Laptop Manufacturer and a major technology provider teamed up to launch their new laptop utilizing a strong team of tech influencers to drive impressive results.

the challenge

Drive Customers to Purchase

Introduce the brand's new laptop model to drive awareness, consideration and purchases. ​

the approach

Engage with Experts

Engage top YouTube PC expert, Linus Tech Tips and others to compare the new laptop against an array of budget laptops. ​





the results

The Numbers Can Speak for Themselves

Positive ROAS was achieved the month the star influencer went live. Over a year later and thousands of dollars in sales are still happening each month and conversion rate has drastically increased from the videos indexing in search for buying terms. ​




Total Product Sales


Conversion Rate Increase


Video Views

the influencers

The Experts Who Make It Happen

For this new high-tech launch, we were looking to get an innovative new laptop and tablet device into the hands of technology influencers to demo them to their audiences. We targeted technology-savvy users whose followers looked at them to help find the next, big, must-have gadgets.

Linus S.


Quinn N.


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