Moms are Using YouTube More & Brands are Starting to Take Notice

I think we can all agree that being a mom can be a full time job riddled with what can seem like life-altering decisions: How to potty train? What stroller is the safest? How do I address bullying? What do I need for my home? How should I be dressing? The center of all of these questions: How do I be the best mom I can be? Moms used to look to neighbors and family for advice on these tough decisions, but not anymore. Moms now have the advice, demonstrations, personal stories and everyday situations right at their fingertips – YouTube.

In a recent study released by Google, How Moms Use YouTube Videos: New Trends & Insights, Kate Stanford details how moms are using YouTube to provide them the insight they need on products, parenting advice and how-tos. Just reading a review about a product or getting one-person’s opinion about parenting isn’t enough anymore. Parents need to see how things work, understand how to do it, and look at the impact it’s had on other moms just like them:

“I wanted to learn how to cook a steak. I went to YouTube to watch a video instead of just looking up a recipe because I wanted to know how they actually cooked it—to see exactly what they are doing.” — Rique, 40

“Bullying has been around for a long time. YouTube provides resources for parents to use, whether they be videos or activities that you could do together to have an open conversation. It helps me start a dialogue with my child.” — Jessica, 32

This shift in information discovery is the perfect opportunity for brands to insert their products and stories through the personality of other YouTube Moms. Moms like Kena C., get to share her little one’s journey as she learns to chew with Gerber. In fact, powerful videos like this were captured by Kate Stanford as unique ways that brands are tapping into the YouTube space:


Brands can act as a handy next-door neighbor by building a YouTube content strategy focused on useful content that answers moms’ questions. Take, for example, this in-depth product video from Graco or this product review from Gerber. Online videos like these can help make moms’ lives more efficient. It gets them right to the products they need faster, and with more confidence in their purchase decisions.

Inserting brands into this ecosystem can be a tricky balance. No mom wants to back a product they don’t actually support, brands want to get their specially crafted message out in front of as many people, and YouTubers don’t want to lose their personal style & flair. The trick to it all – when done properly, it could be the most successful marketing campaign of the year.

What brands need to know:

#1 Find a relevant mom for your product & brand.

Just because a mom may have tons of followers, doesn’t mean they should be representing your brand. Look for relevance first when finding creators and then audience size. A small audience could be way more dedicated and engaged.

#2 Work with the Influencer to develop the creative concept.

As brand marketers, we all hate to give up control but in this scenario, the influencer is the drive. He or she knows their audience, what they will react to and the best ways to get them engaged. Get them to share their thoughts.

#3 Be timely.

Creating these videos takes time and talent. Be sure to respect the time is takes to film and edit the final product. Once given the video to view, don’t sit on it! These videos should be published as soon as possible. Approve it and get it out the door.

What Influencers need to know:

#1 It’s okay to say “No” if the brand isn’t right for you.

Although it may seem like you should work with every brand opportunity put in front of you, it’s okay. Not every brand will work for your content and audience. Do you research on the opportunity and decide from there.

#2 Set expectations up front.

A brand works very hard to craft the perfect message. Be sure to set expectations up front about what you are and aren’t willing to include in your videos.

#3 Push the envelope.

You are the creative director, script writer and talent here. Lead with that and get creative with your branded videos and product integration. It will pay off.

With “83% of moms search for answers to their questions online” and “three in five turn to online video in particular” it’s time for brands to get their hat in the ring and for creators to be open to new opportunities.