Mother's Day Favorites and a leading online retailer partnered up to create content to keep them top of mind during Mother’s Day and drive consumers to their platform for ecommerce.

the challenge

Mother's Day Devotion

When consumers are shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, ensure they are keeping this major online retailer top of mind as their go-to source. ​

the approach

What A Mom Wants

Engage new mom YouTubers who focus on haul, unboxing and gifting types of videos, who can authentically speak to what a mom wants.​




YouTube Mothers Day Case Study Examples
the results

Not just #1...but #2 AND #3

Sales have been increasing 23% YoY at month’s surrounding both Mother’s Day and the holiday season due to influencer videos indexing in YouTube for gifting idea terms. ​


Top influencer video indexed in #1 spot on YouTube for “Gifts for Mom”, #2 spot for “Luxury Gifts for Mom” and #3 spot for “Mothers Day Gifts”  ​


Increase in YoY Sales




Conversion Rate Increase


Spot in YouTube Search

the influencers

The Moms Who Make It Happen

For this Mother’s Day campaign, we recruited a group of Instagram and YouTube influencers who are mothers to showcase a variety of gifts available on our online retail client’s website. The approach was to showcase the variety of gifts being utilized to spur gift ideas and consumer purchases for the target customers. 

Zabrena B.


Olivia Z.


Jay M.


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