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Influencers are experts in connecting with audiences on a deep, meaningful level through creative content. Here are the 'need-to-knows' for brands.

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Why is it important for video content to ignite emotion?

Something that can be top of mind when creating a branded video is "How do I speak to my key talking points?" or "How long should my video be?".  These are necessary to think about, but often times marketers forget one of the most important factors to consider:

"How am I going to emotionally connect with my audience?"
Sparking an emotional response is a natural way to connect with your target audience, empowering video content so brands can expand on key areas such as:
  • Loyalty and Advocacy: Emotional connections create loyal customers who are more likely to stick with a brand over time. When consumers feel emotionally attached to a brand, they become advocates, recommending the brand to friends and family.

  • Creating the "awww" factor: A true secret sauce that empowers videos by retaining attention through cute content.

  • Obtaining Better Feedback and Communication: Emotionally connected customers are more likely to provide valuable feedback, enabling brands to improve their products and services. Brands can also communicate more effectively with emotionally engaged customers.

  • Boosts Brand Recall: Emotionally resonant content is more likely to be remembered and associated with the brand, increasing the chances of repeat business.

Three Reasons Influencers Excel in Creating Successful Video Content

Influencers specifically go a step beyond the entertainment factor in their content. Influencers are successful in creating emotional, successful video content due to the fact that: 

  1. Authenticity: These are real people with real connections with products.  Authenticity is powerful, and it comes naturally with the right influencer partners.

  2. Storytelling: Influencers aren't just professional photographers and videographers, they're professional storytellers.

  3. Relatability: Influencers are relatable, and relatability makes it way easier for audiences to understand and connect with a product message.
The Difference

We are laser focused on providing world-class service in managing influencer marketing programs.  We create programs that not only look great, but work.  Producing content that moves emotions sits at our core. Our experts in the industry provide knowledge that ensures smooth and effective influencer campaigns for all of our clients.


Briefing call to align on your brand's story


Pre-campaign influencer vetting


Developing influencer strategies


Dedicated influencer support team to tell your brand's story


Creating storyboards for content ideas


Content production management


Post production & editing to make content shine


Full-funnel analytics to see what content is resonating

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" comprises a team of experts that deliver big wins for my business at Bayer Consumer Health. They have an in depth knowledge of influencer space well beyond product placements with influencers."

Denise V.

VP Brand Integration PR, Social and Influencer

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