3 Types of Influencer Video for E-Commerce

Has your brand been pushing to incorporate influencer video as not only a source of marketing assets, but content to impact eCommerce? Many are, but few fully understand the best ways to leverage the great benefits of influencer video for increased sales. While it may seem confusing and overwhelming, there are three basic types of influencer video that a brand can utilize that will help them build a solid strategy for eCommerce.

Influencer marketing is an effective tool to drive eCommerce for a variety of reasons, but trust is one of the most important. Nowadays, consumers have more power than ever in terms of choosing which products to buy; they have more tools than ever to research the pros and cons of a product, as well as the brand that sells it. As such, millenials are starting to trust their peers far more than media that comes directly from a brand. In fact, research shows that consumers now trust peer created content 50% more than other media.

Here are 3 of the most effective types of influencer video for impacting eCommerce sales:


One of the best ways to establish trust is to let down your guard; be completely honest. An example of how topical influencer video can build trust is to include a video of someone explaining an issue they have struggled with in the past, and how a specific product helped them overcome that issue. Additionally, influencer video content that is focused on giving tips to help others or advice in general work as well.


Online shoppers, like any other millenial consumers of digital media, are interested in finding out information – it is a basic human need to seek knowledge. A great form of informational influencer video are “how-to” videos.


“How to” videos accomplish the following:

Leverage the sense of trust that influencer video elicits

Showcase a product (or products) in the context in which they would be used

Utilize the influence creators who have built up their own following

How-to videos are truly a combination of all elements of modern marketing, fully leveraging all the power of influencer video.

In terms of eCommerce, an effective how-to video could be an authentic influencer with an engaged audience showing how to create innovative DIY mother’s day gifts. Informational content not only gives the viewer actionable guidance, but it showcases a variety of products in context.


The tried and true type of influencer video is centered around a specific product. Product-centric content is probably the most widely used form of video content that brands leverage for eCommerce. In its most basic form, product-centric video content includes video reviews. These reviews are generally placed on product pages and have been shown to increase sales by up to 30%.

var ExpoAPI = new Expo();ExpoAPI.loadVideo(“mediaPlayerV5_123”);

Influecer generated video product reviews are now visible on the majority of online retail points of purchase and are often prominently displayed. While text reviews have traditionally been what consumers look at to see the quality of a product, video is quickly taking over.

As the usage and utility for eCommerce of influencers grows, so too will the leveraging of influencer video by brands. The current statistics of the benefits of influencer video already indicate their measurable benefits, there is also a distinct upward trend. The next few years are going to be a very exciting time for influencer video.

Come back next week when we will highlight 3 more effective types of influence video for eCommerce… Curious? You’ll just have to wait until next time!