Amazon PC Program

We love to share one-of-a-kind campaigns and today we’ll put a spotlight on the Amazon PC Event where we teamed up with some of the best creators in the consumer electronics space and top brands.  

Amazon PC Program

Austin Evans, TechSource and Jonathan Morrison were partnered with HP, AMD, Linksys and LG to create amazing, fun videos on their newest products which would live both on YouTube and within the PC storefront on Amazon.   Check out the videos below and see for yourself why over 1 million people are watching.

Surprising Dad with a Desk Setup!

Austin Evans built an epic desktop setup for his dad with the centerpiece being an HP Pavilion Desktop.

1800X + Dual RX 480 RYZEN PC iBuyPower

Edgar reviewed an AMD/iBuyPower build and ran benchmarks on his first Ryzen PC on his channel.

The $1,500 Smart Room Setup Challenge!

Jonathan Morrison covered the unique Linksys Velop mesh wifi solution for large apartments or homes so that you never have to worry about corners of your place where you cannot access wifi!

The Best Desk Setup for $2,000

Jonathan also reviewed the LG Gram in his “Best Desk Setup for $2,000 – Laptop Edition.”

Consumer electronics is just one of the many categories where influencers are having a meaningful impact on the shopping experience on Amazon. Some other fun influencer marketing programs that are worth checking out are the Huggies Giving Tuesday program where we paired  Ellie & Jared with Huggies to help with a charitable donation program with Amazon and the  Holiday Gift Guide that Danny Winget participated in around Smart Home.


We look forward to sharing more spotlights on some of the exciting partnerships between brands and creators like this in the future.

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