Introducing On Demand | Announced Today At ShopTalk

In the spirit of making influencer content accessible to all brands, retailers, we are proud to announce today at Shoptalk’s latest innovation, “On Demand” Brands/Retailers have a choice – With On Demand you can instantly access existing product videos from our library created by thousands of content creators.  Or you are looking to develop new video content from influencers, the platform makes it turnkey as well – from recruitment to selecting influencers through video approvals and distribution. Just register for our platform to get started!

On Demand Details

With a simple search you are served up quality videos on those specific products. Our proprietary software looks at the library of videos from our network of influencers and identifies if products are featured in the videos. You can search by amazon asin, product name, or brand. We make it easy for you to watch the videos and if you like what you see click order and only then to we ask for information for payment. Payment places the video in your workspace. This initiates the syndication. Your video will be live within amazon related videos within 48 hrs . The system handles securing the rights, if we don’t already have them.

Additional new features and service plans

In addition to On Demand, we are also please to announce that we have expanded our platforms integration across additional social networks and brands can distribute content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Twitch.

New Service plans – we’ve expanded our number of plans and services offered to better meet the differing needs of the Brands, Retailers and Agencies we work with.  Check out new plans and pricing at  pricing and plans

Why is this so important?

We are in the midst of the burgeoning video generation. Peer-to-Peer Influence and video content are impacting Retail like never before.  Today’s shoppers are “Always On,” consuming more video content and going to social networks as part of their purchase journey.  Our Influencer video programs are proven to drive both significant traffic to retail and higher ecommerce sales conversion.