Navigating the Landscape of Consumer Electronics Marketing

In the fast-paced world of consumer electronics marketing, staying ahead of the curve requires a deep understanding of consumer behavior, brand partnerships, and the power of authenticity.

In this week's episode of the Generation Influence podcast, Chairman & Co-Founder Bill Hildebolt sat down with Kevin Breemes, Assistant Director, Global Alliances Partner Marketing for EY.

Kevin, an industry expert with over two decades of experience, shared valuable insights into the strategies and dynamics that drive successful campaigns such as:

  • Realizing the value of influencer marketing
  • Transitioning from consumer to B2B marketing
  • The power of mentorship and professional growth

Realizing the Value of Influencer Marketing

Realizing the true value of influencer marketing varies per brand and per industry, but there are some general benefits that influencers provide across the board such as establishing a genuine connection with audiences, scalable content production for less cost than production companies, unique measurement opportunities, and more.

In the conversation with Bill, Kevin highlighted one of the hot topics of several recent conversations around influencer: authenticity.  He shared a brilliant example of an influencer seamlessly integrating a new product into her content by showcasing the product as a natural part of her everyday life.  The influencer engaged her audience authentically, leaving a lasting impression that traditional commercials can seldom achieve.

Specific case studies around how influencers have affected brands in various industries can be found here.

Insights on Marketing Around Product Launches

First impressions are everything and launching a new product in the consumer electronics industry can be both thrilling and challenging.

Kevin has some experience in this area and recounted a successful product launch involving a detachable laptop. To tackle the challenge of introducing a novel concept to the market, the team collaborated with an influencer who aligned with the target audience. Instead of bombarding viewers with a blatant commercial, the influencer seamlessly incorporated the product into her content. This approach not only showcased the product's features but also resonated with viewers on a personal level.

Using influencers establish the 'WOW' factor during the critical first stages of a product launch can be the difference maker in terms of the level of success that brands achieve.

Transitioning from Consumer to B2B Marketing

Aside from influencer conversations, Kevin and Bill dove into the weeds of Kevin's professional pathway from consumer to B2B marketing.  This shift was a fascinating journey that demands a fresh perspective.

Kevin shed light on this transition, showcasing how marketing principles remain consistent even when targeting a different audience. He stressed the importance of recognizing value propositions, understanding the audience, and delivering authentic messages.  The shift from social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat to LinkedIn required him to adapt different approaches and strategies in order to engage with his target audience effectively.

The Power of Mentorship and Professional Growth

In the dynamic realm of consumer electronics marketing, the role of mentorship cannot be overstated. Kevin shared his experience of being mentored by Patricia Bauer, a seasoned professional who recognized his potential and provided invaluable guidance. Patricia's ability to identify talent, nurture it, and offer opportunities for growth underscores the profound impact that mentors can have on one's career trajectory. The lesson here is clear: investing in mentorship and fostering talent within a team can drive exceptional results.

As Kevin's insightful interview demonstrates, consumer electronics marketing is a multifaceted landscape that demands a delicate blend of innovation, authenticity, and collaboration. Influencer marketing is no longer a one-size-fits-all strategy; authenticity is the key to connecting with today's discerning consumers. Crafting successful product launches involves integrating new ideas into an influencer's content, creating a seamless and genuine experience. Collaborations between brands, whether OEMs or technology providers, thrive when common goals are identified, and a harmonious approach is adopted.