The Power of Content and Community: Insights from a Marketing Leader

In today's digital age, where information is readily accessible and consumer behavior is constantly evolving, businesses must adapt and innovate to stay ahead. One industry that has embraced this challenge is the fitness and wellness sector.

In this week's episode of the Generation Influence podcast, Chairman & Co-Founder Bill Hildebolt sat down with Amber Taylor who has had a diverse career spanning Amazon, Nike, and currently Les Mills where she is the CDPO.

This amazing conversation covers an array of vital topics such as:

  • Maintaining a customer-centric mindset
  • The impact of content
  • The importance of influencing health & wellness through empowering the fitness community

Customer-Centricity: A Driving Force of Innovation

Amber's journey has taught her the importance of putting the customer at the center of every decision. At Amazon, she witnessed the power of understanding customer needs and delivering delightful experiences. By focusing on solving customer problems rather than solely pursuing monetization, Amazon was able to build a strong customer base and drive long-term success. This customer-centric approach remains a guiding principle throughout Amber's career, where she continuously seeks to understand consumer intent, identify pain points, and provide valuable solutions.

The Impact of Content

Engaging customers through content is an art form that takes a dedicated mind to truly master. Amber's experience at Amazon revealed the impact of video content on product detail pages (PDPs), particularly for higher-priced or complex products.

By providing informative and authentic videos featuring real product users and influencers, customers were able to gain a deeper understanding of the product, leading to increased conversions and customer satisfaction. This discovery led to a shift in focus from advertising monetization to solving customer problems and creating delightful experiences.

At Nike, Amber further explored the potential of content in inspiring and motivating customers. By leveraging technology and digital platforms, Nike aimed to bridge the gap between intent and impact, helping individuals go from a desire to move to actually taking action. The incorporation of music into fitness content proved to be a powerful tool in enhancing the overall experience, making workouts more entertaining, improving performance, and boosting retention. Music became the glue that connected movement and inspiration, creating a harmonious synergy.

Empowering the Fitness Community

Les Mills, the renowned fitness brand, provided Amber with the opportunity to explore both the B2B and B2C sides of the industry. While Les Mills initially faced resistance from gyms perceiving it as competition, the brand's approach evolved to emphasize collaboration and mutual benefit.

By serving clubs with marketing materials, research, and support, Les Mills aimed to help them thrive and create exceptional group fitness experiences. The introduction of Les Mills Plus, a digital companion app, further complemented the in-club experience, empowering individuals to continue their fitness journey beyond the physical space. The key to success in the B2B space was education, service, and a focus on enhancing the overall fitness ecosystem.

Amber's passion for fitness extends beyond business objectives. She recognizes the alarming decline in physical activity levels globally, especially among adolescents. As sedentary lifestyles and mental health challenges persist, the need to inspire and enable movement becomes even more critical. By making fitness accessible, research-backed, and enjoyable, Les Mills aims to address this urgent societal issue. The combination of group fitness classes, digital content, and certified instructors creates an ecosystem that encourages healthy habits and lifelong physical well-being.