Industry Whitepaper: Analyzing the Top Influencers in Tech

We're extremely excited to announce a brand new industry whitepaper around top influencers the tech vertical.

In this whitepaper, we take a deep dive into the tech vertical in social media to analyze the latest trends, opportunities and industry challenges. We evaluate metrics that show health and performance, while highlighting how the quantitative and qualitative elements come together to assess “vertical health” and therefore potential for marketing campaigns.

Here are just some of the key insights and takeaways from our research:

  • Audience breakdowns of the top influencers in the tech space, and why these audiences trust the influencers.
  • Specific creative content strategies that are working on YouTube.
  • YouTube is a search platform by nature, resulting in a large amount longtail viewership and attributed sales for sponsored long-form videos.
  • Short-form content viewership is extremely volatile compared to long-form, allowing brands to capitalize on higher chances of going viral, but overall less predictability.
  • Tips on activating with influencers in the tech space.

Conversion Rates of YouTube Content

Analyzing conversions and sales performance of content is imperative to attributing success to a brand's influencer marketing efforts.

When partnering with influencers on YouTube, marketers often don't take into account longtail performance data, so we wanted to showcase what this data looks like using real campaign examples. Since YouTube is a search-based platform and influencer content is evergreen, this data showcases how conversions are still acquired over time as consumers move down the funnel and are in the market to buy.

Current Influencer Marketing The Tech Vertical (2)

In order to fully understand the ROI of influencer programs on YouTube (and other similar platforms), brands can and should utilize tools that attribute these longtail conversion metrics to their influencer programs, even if the official "Campaign Flight" has completed.

Top Performing YouTube Video Types in Tech

Ever curious what types of tech videos are performing the best?  We sifted through the past content from the top tech creators on YouTube to see what's working in terms of video style, thumbnails, titles, and more to present the full picture of what is resonating on the platform.

Current Influencer Marketing The Tech Vertical (1)

Brands with relevant products who want to work with Tech Creators can now use this data to give them direction on how to get the best bang for their buck.  Be sure to check out the full section in the whitepaper to get more detail.

This free report uses a mix of performance data, talent agency/creator/brand interviews, consumer survey data, and more to highlight the above elements.

Any questions on the information presented in the whitepaper or on influencer marketing in general?  Feel free to contact us here and we'll be happy to help.