New Podcast Series Announcment: Generation Influence is extremely excited to announce our newest content series: Generation Influence!

Generation Influence is a new podcast that goes behind the scenes to talk to the marketers and leaders driving the influencer marketing and eCommerce spaces. 

In this series, Co-Founder and author of the Math & Science of Influencer Marketing series on this channel, Bill Hildebolt, has a chance to chat with the top marketing and leadership minds across a myriad of verticals to gain insight on what's working their respective industries.


Episode 1: Steven Vigilante of OLIPOP

Our inaugural episode features a fascinating interview with Steven Vigilante, the marketing and new business lead behind functional soda phenomenon OLIPOP.

Steven joined OLIPOP as a founding team member in 2018, and currently oversees all things Growth and Partnerships.  He's been instrumental in helping the brand raise more than $50M in venture funding and create an influencer marketing strategy that has generated more than 1B views on TikTok in the last 12 months.

Check out the full episode here.


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