Exciting New Features of the Influencer Marketing Platform

Below are several newly released features of the platform to help you share and measure your influencer campaigns better than ever! Also, stay tuned over the next few weeks for upcoming releases with even more new features.

New Video Embedding Feature: customers can now easily embed their videos created with the platform with ease.

There is a new tab for users when entering the “Setting” navigation on the left side of the platform. The “Manage Player” tab in that section allows users to create embedded players to use for videos for the brand.

Once created, a user can then navigate to the “Content” section in the left side navigation and then select “Professional” in the top navigation to view content that is embeddable. A user can embed one of the content items by selecting “What Now” and then selecting “Get Embed Code” and copying the respective code. This video can then be embedded into your website and product pages. video player embed

Campaign Languages:

The software now allows for transcripts in multiple languages ( English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Italian). Please contact your account manager if you would like to utilize this feature for international or multilingual campaigns. 

Percent to Goal in the Performance Summary Tab:

Now it's easier than ever to see how your campaign is performing! We have created a new column for the Summary of KPIs to show “% to goal” based on the targets created from the structure tab. platform kpis

Category Breakdown in the Performance Retail Tab:

We have added 3 new graphs to help users understand more about their customers. The graphs will show how often your products are bought alongside competitive brands and what other types of products and categories your customers are shopping most when also buying your products. Products sold are sorted by category, sub-category, and brand to give insight into how a campaign is performing. category breakdown

Are there other platform features you'd like to see? Please let us know via the contact us form or in the comments down below.