A MAJOR Instagram Development - What it Means for Brands & Influencers

INSTAGRAM USERS REJOICE!!! Developments around how links are handled on the platform are finally getting launched.  This first breakthrough is huge for brands and Creators alike.

Instagram's recent exciting announcement is that now allowing up to five clickable links in a user's bio. This is a significant update that will provide users with more opportunities to showcase their products, services, and content to their followers.

IG 5 links

*Photo Credit - Business Insider

Previously, Instagram only allowed one clickable link in a user's bio, which was a significant limitation for businesses, Creators, and influencers looking to drive traffic to their websites, blogs, and other social media channels. With the ability to include up to five clickable links, users can now easily promote multiple products or services, direct users to their other social media channels, or provide links to their latest blog posts.

More specifically, there are three major callouts off of the top of the head that are impacted significantly by this change.  Creators and brands can now:

  • Easily acquire multiple clicks at the start of an engagement opportunity
  • Utilize innovative social programs that include Add-to-Cart links
  • Avoid the extra action of clicking into Linktree, increasing overall click-throughs and engagement

The new link stacking feature allows users to provide easy access to all of their content in one place. Brands can showcase multiple products or services, while Creators and influencers can link to their merchandise stores, YouTube channels, or other social media accounts. This will make it easier for businesses to connect with their followers, and for influencers and Creators to expand their reach and grow their audience.

This change is also significant for discoverability.  With more links available, users can explore different websites and social media channels, and find new products and services that interest them, leading to increased engagement and revenue for businesses, and greater exposure and followers for influencers and Creators.

Overall, the ability to include up to five clickable links in a user's bio is a significant step forward for Instagram, and is sure to be welcomed by its millions of users. With this new feature, businesses, influencers, and creators will have greater flexibility and more opportunities to showcase their brand and content to their followers. 

Keep it coming, IG!