Influencer Marketing Platform,, Announces Shopify Integration

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Shopify. Together, and Shopify will provide a more comprehensive measurement framework across the full sales funnel for influencer marketing., the leading influencer platform for omnichannel enterprise brands announced today the extension of its platform to include direct sales tracking for Shopify powered stores.

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Shopify has long been the ecommerce engine of choice for small and medium online businesses but less recognized is its growth in the enterprise space, powering DTC solutions for a number of national brands that historically only sold through third parties. Being able to track shoppers’ willingness and interest in shopping at these destinations side by side with tier one retailers when coming through social platforms will provide unique insights for these brands.

The Shopify extension also dramatically increases the appeal of the platform for SMB brands selling through a Shopify store. Combined with the launch of new discovery functionality within the platform, these smaller brands can now leverage an end-to-end version of the award-winning, highly rated platform favored by global brands on a cost-efficient self-service basis.

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The Shopify integration allows brands to generate unique tracking links for every post that influencers create, allowing attribution to be measured and normalized across influencers, platforms and retailers. All of the data flows into the platform in real-time, allowing for mid campaign optimization.

Coming on the back of’s victory in the BuildforTikTok challenge last week which will help brands identify TikTok creators with the highest propensity for driving sales outcomes, this Shopify launch highlights’s commitment to technological innovation and its platform build-out.

Brands and agencies interested in being among the first to leverage these new capabilities are encouraged to contact the company here for access to “launch partner” promotional packages.

About is the only influencer marketing platform that has a full suite of shoppable media, eCommerce syndication and social commerce tools. We are laser focused on generating Creator and influencer programs that not only look great, but work. Producing content that inspires purchases sits at our core. We trust our creators to make world-class, engaging, and unique content through the lens of driving sales at the digital shelf.

About Shopify:

Shopify Inc (Shopify) is a provider of cloud-based, multi-channel commerce platform. The company's software allows merchants to design, manage and sell their products across multiple sales channels, including web and mobile store fronts, social media, physical retail locations, pop-up shops and marketplaces.

The option to generate links and optimize sales and conversions across a wide range of stores and retailers is imperative to the success of the partnership of influencer marketing and eCommerce. The highlighted partnership is available through’s services. 

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