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The Value of an Organic YouTube View

Key Article Takeaways: Organic YouTube views are generally valued between $0.05-$.50 per view Top influencers can drive from $0.08-$0.12 in revenue per view in sales Long-form, video content that you ...

Bill Hildebolt

What Size Influencer Should I Work With?

Key Article Takeaways: Influencer tiers are generally similar, but can be slightly different depending on the influencer platform Engagement Rate benchmarks in the past solely showed Micro/Nano ...

Bill Hildebolt

Why Is Influencer Marketing Usually Priced Based on Reach?

Key Article Takeaways: Pricing based on Reach has been popular because: It’s an easy-to-gather up front measurement metric It’s a common denominator with previous outstanding media types such as TV, ...

Bill Hildebolt

New Release! Amazon Viewership Data & Add to Cart Totals

We continue to drive forward developing the platform for our users and we’re excited to share what our team has been up to. We have two exciting releases from’s product ...

Blake Vita

Choosing Between Instagram Placements - What Works Best?

Which Instagram feature is most successful for a brand campaign?

Abigail Ray & Group RFZ Announce Partnership Solidifying Advanced Influencer Marketing Reporting

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Group RFZ. Together and Group RFZ will provide a more comprehensive measurement framework across the full sales funnel for influencer ...

Blake Vita is the "Highest Rated Influencer Marketing Platform for Enterprise" on G2

Today, G2 released their Spring 2022 reports highlighting and ranking the various competitors in the popular industries around the world. G2's advanced scoring methodology uses a combination of ...

Abigail Ray

Baby Boomers Are On Social More Than You Think

Baby boomers are people born between 1945 and 1964 and they are still the largest spenders in the economy. According to data we collected here at by surveying 1280 consumers, they are also ...

Abigail Ray

How the Online Shopping Experience Is Evolving

Online shopping has dramatically changed in the past couple of years. Web-based e-tailers have taken center stage as traditional brick-and-mortar retailers have faded into the background. The online ...

Abigail Ray

How TikTok is Being Utilized to Drive Sales

In an era when new social networking sites seem to be popping up all the time, few have had a rise in popularity that is quite as impressive as TikTok.

Larry Beaman

2021 Influencer Marketing and Social Commerce Report just released our 2021 Influencer Marketing and Social Commerce Report. In it, you will find data, insights, and trends on how influencer marketing campaigns are driving engagement and ...

Blake Vita

How YouTube Inspires Shopping During COVID-19 Pandemic

Illuminating consumer experiences has been the company’s mission from the beginning. Today, the experience of many consumers is changing. The way we work. The way we learn/teach our children. And the ...

Jessica Thorpe